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Nuffnang's Blog Day 2011

It's Nuffnang's 6th Blog Day today, August 31, 2011! As a newbie Nuffnanger and "officially" new to the Blogging World, I would like to participate in this event.

It's easy to take part. Just list 6 new or previously unknown blogs that interest you. Tell the world why you enjoyed reading them or why you recommend them. (my dear silkenhut, I think you have established yourself as a blogger so you don't fit in the criteria. ^_^)

*click the poster for more information

And now my 6 Recommended Blogs:

A blog discussing commuters' behavior and attitude, or should I say "craziness", inside the MRT and stations. Surprising how a lot of drama, sometimes comedy, are happening inside a train. 
"I took the MRT and realized that the daily commute was full of animated characters"

A porfolio of a girl fulfilling her dream through arts, and sharing the lessons she gained along the journey. I must warn you, this is very inspirational!
"I created this digital painting with the word LIVE to remind myself that I should live"

A compilation of travel adventures and... kitchen adventures!  Travel and have a taste of her own recipes, plus some tittle-tattle on the sides. 
"Armed with my Canon G12 camera and wearing yesterday's clothes, I set out to cook the pasta that I have been dying to cook these past few days"

I was just looking for some blog giveaways when I bumped into this blog. Amazing how this blog is filled with gratitude. 
"Thank you Lord for turning my ordinary day into extraordinary"

Delve into the musings of a graphic designer, her enthusiasm for Indie films and plays, and her distinct perspective of "art". Not your ordinary blog to explore.
"its not really a bad thing to require students to watch Cinemalaya movies, para mabahiran ng kultura ang mga katawan nila, as my friend aptly puts it"

Written in Tagalog, let your thoughts wander as this blog touches day-to-day observations in a way that would tickle your mind. So relax, it's all in your mind! 
"Masarap ang maging mababaw, masaya. pero di sa lahat ng pagkakataon. p’wede ka rin mag mukhang tanga"