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Freebie Freak!

Aside from hunting contests, games, and raffles, I am also in search of freebies! Yep, those free stuff that you get when you buy certain items. Whenever I go to grocery, I look for those items with freebies. I feel that I get more than what I can usually have. More value for money, plus they are collectibles! But I cannot also deny that there are times that I buy a certain item because of the freebie! Haha! Well, check out some of those that I got from the grocery.

*Apology for the pictures taken from 2MP phone camera

Nesvita Mug and Canister

I got them separately. I love drinking Nesvita so these are really advantage for me. 

Nestle Fresh Color-changing Glass

Not really fond of drinking fresh milk. But for the sexy color-changing glass, why not try two boxes of fresh milk! Hmm... for "Healthy Living" sake as well.

Milo Canister

Milo everyday! Two 200gram-pack comes with this container. I guess it's where you can place your Milo after opening the pack.

Nescafe Mug

I love coffee and I have been eyeing this Nescafe Centennial Mug since I've seen it from an officemate. Hehe. Finally, I got one now!

McDo-Coca Cola "Can" Glass

Not sure if it was last year when I had the sexy contour glass. This year, McDonald's and Coca Cola came up with the can-shaped glass. This isn't really for free as you have to add 25Php upon purchasing a Value Meal to have this collectible.

There you go with some of what I've got! Hoping to find more!