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Craving for more! This seems to be normal for humans, and I am definitely not an exception. This "more" can be material things, a state of mind, a feeling, a goal, a person, etc that once met will give utmost satisfaction. At one point, this is actually good as it makes a person strive more, achieve more, making the most out of one’s self. This becomes the “drive” or the “push” for what we sometimes relate to happiness or self-fulfillment. But on the other hand, the desire for more can also lead to greediness, pressuring one’s self or others, discontentment – and thus the thinking that we’ll never be happy without satisfying that want.

"There is no end of craving. Hence contentment alone is the best way to happiness. Therefore, acquire contentment."- Swami Sivananda

But is there really a solution for this? I am under the assumption that every person has his/her inner desire for always wanting for more amidst the things that he/she already had. In gambling, if you win once, you have the tendency to try again hoping for more winnings (desire for money). In health, if you are already fit, you want to be toned (desire for hmm..self satisfaction or people’s attention? haha). In politics, if you are the senator, you would want to be the vice president or the president (desire for power). In elementary love, if you have a crush, you want to be noticed. Once you are noticed, you want to be friends. And when you are already friends, you want to be together, and so on. And those are just examples. What really makes this “unhealthy” is when we lose path of what our goal really is; when what we are wanting are already unnecessary or just for temporary pleasure. If you are hungry and you have a burger, would you wish to have fries and drinks along with it, or at least cheese in it? Maybe yes. But if we examine closely, that burger is already enough to satisfy your hunger.

"Contentment is not the fulfillment of what you want, but the realization of how much you already have."

Now, when is “enough” and when do we strive for more? Some say that life is a continuous improvement, and that when we become contented, we stop to make things better. We, as individuals, know are capabilities and we strive for growth in all aspects, each day. But in the  pursuit of this “goal”, we must always check if we are still enjoying the process, not pulling/stepping on other people,  and doing the things righteous to God’s eyes. There is no sense in chasing if we are already suffering in the course. Not just because we “can”, we “have” to. It’s also a matter of accepting and appreciating what we already have or what other people can give. And then let go of the desires already beyond our reach. We must also remember that what we have right now, were once the things we only longed for. And if they are really meant for us, even if the road is winding and rocky, we won’t feel any pain or guilt as we are fueled by positive yearning.

"It is right to be contented with what we have, never with what we are."
- James Mackintosh

“Just because somebody doesn't love you the way you want them to doesn't mean they don't love you with everything they got”
- Rosaleen Dickson

Feb 12, '11 9:39 AM | Multiply