Yellow Cab: So Worth It! Masterclass: Calligraphy with Anina Rubio Experience!

Yellow Cab So Worth It! Squad and Masterclass 

Just before March 2019 ends, Yellow Cab brings you three (3) Masterclasses and nine (9) stories from the So Worth It! Squad. First of the Masterclasses happened last March 23, 2019, Saturday at Yellow Cab Burgos Eats, Taguig City -- Basic Calligraphy with Anina Rubio.
Anina sharing her life experiences 

Way back in high school, hand-lettering was a usual thing for us to do, especially among girls, that half of the page of our notebooks were covered with header or title in different styles and fonts. I haven't heard about calligraphy, nibs, or brush pens then. We only had colorful pens and imagination!

I've almost forgotten that I have that "creative" side not until 1.5 decades later, my former-HS-classmate-now-artist boyfriend introduced calligraphy. He just brought out a brush pen in one of our meetups, told me that I have nice handwriting so maybe I can try calligraphy, and started showing me how to do it -- thick downstrokes by applying pressure, thin upstrokes with light/no pressure. I was too shy to try calligraphy right then and there, so what I did was to buy a few brush pens, watch videos, and practice on my own. But I never had attended an actual calligraphy class. So when I learned that Yellow Cab organized a Calligraphy Class, excitement was so high!
materials provided 

This is the first calligraphy class I've attended. And the instructor, none other than the virtual artist Anina Rubio -- who happens to be my college classmate!! I haven't seen her since we graduated in our BS ECE course. And the last thing I knew about her was that she left her IT job years ago. So during the class, Anina shared her experiences throughout the years, exploring different paths, falling in love with art, and continuously finding new passion. What a hustler!
the drills 

For the calligraphy class, we were provided a module, practice sheets, a brush pen, a pencil, an eraser, and a board for our final output. Anina started by showing how it is done, providing tips and techniques. We went on doing the drills, asking questions and clarifications as needed. And these make the difference between just watching videos and attending an actual class. You can see and feel how it is actually done -- the real time pace, the strokes, the angle, the pressure. There's interaction. You can ask specific questions, even suggestions on what brush pen to buy or papers to use.
practicing the youngest in class -- such a cutie!!

My key takeaway is that you don't have to imitate someone else's way of writing/doing calligraphy. So don't compare. Your handwriting is your own style. Embrace it! Make it work! Let it flow!
my output! tadaaahh! 

It was really a fun interactive class concluded with Yellow Cab food and more chitchats with Anina and the rest of the students. Aside from the materials, participants were given a pen and So Worth It! blank notebook for practicing.
Anina doing her "thing" Yes, we are all worth it! 

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with Anina Rubio 

Yellow Cab

Disclaimer: I was invited as a blogger to feature this event. Photos with my watermark are mine and shouldn't be used without my permission. 
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