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Max's Restaurant: Adobo Ribs and Beef Salpicao!

New Dishes from Max's Restaurant! 

Max's Restaurant has been one of our family's favorite places to spend dinner at. We love the heartwarming meals, the great selection of dishes from appetizers to desserts, and of course, the classic Max's chicken!

Two new dishes were added to the menu which absolutely delighted our family, and for sure, every kind of family -- Adobo Ribs and Beef Salpicao.

Adobo Ribs (a la carte - 499Php, rice bowl - 249Php)
Adobo Ribs 

Adobo Ribs -- this is what I'm really excited about! Ribs is a favorite of mine but usually in a barbecue sauce. Adobo is a well-loved Filipino dish, and some even rally to make it the National Dish of the country. Putting the two together in Max's Adobo Ribs creates an explosion of rich flavor you'd definitely reach for that extra rice!
Adobo Ribs - a la carte Adobo Ribs - rice bowl 

Adobo is one of those dishes that gets better in time - the more you let it 'ferment'. This version has more of the sourness than saltiness proportion, with a bit of sweetness, minus the oiliness compared to what I'm used to. But I'm loving the savory goodness combined with rice.
Adobo Ribs 

Beef Salpicao (a la carte - 499Php, rice bowl - 249Php)
Beef Salpicao 

Just when I thought I'm all good with Adobo Ribs, here comes Beef Salpicao that made me think twice. I usually look for that extra garlicky taste in a salpicao though in Max's version, the garlicky part is balanced off with some sweetness. Still savory but in a harmonious way. So if you're not into rich flavors, you'll favor the Beef Salpicao more than the Adobo Ribs.
Beef Salpicao - a la carte Beef Salpicao - rice bowl 

I brought my family to Max's Restaurant so they can try these two new dishes. We're a family consisting of different ages from 4 to 65. Out of 6, 3 liked the Adobo Ribs (that includes me), and 3 enjoyed the Beef Salpicao more. So it's really a matter of preference or even mood on that day, but for sure, they'll love these new additions in the menu from Max's Restaurant. Available nationwide.
Beef Salpicao 

Max's Restaurant
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Disclaimer: I was invited as blogger to feature these new dishes. Photos with my watermark are mine and shouldn't be used without my permission.