Cafe Romancon: Dining Selections and Breakfast Buffet!

Cafe Romancon 

While staying at Hotel Benilde, you need not look far to find comforting and delicious meals for your lunch or dinner. Cafe Romancon's selections of a la carte dishes are sure to whet your appetite.
contemporary ambiance open for walk-in guests 

Even if you just live, work, or study nearby, the contemporary ambiance of this restaurant just located at the ground floor of Hotel Benilde will surely invite you to a sumptuous dining experience as they are open for walk-in guests. You'll find regular employees and on-training students greeting and serving you.

Here are some of the dishes we tried at Cafe Romancon for dinner during our stay at Hotel Benilde

Three Musketeers (250Php)
Crispy fried cheddar cheese rolled in pastry with Mary Rose dressing 
Three Musketeers 

A stack of simple yet enjoyable cheesesticks! It's the kind that you want to munch around, dip on the sauce, and feel satisfied.
Three Musketeers Gambas Al Ajillo 

Gambas Al Ajillo (280Php)
Prawns sauteed in olive oil, garlic, onions, tomatoes, and chilis 
Gambas Al Ajillo 

The chilis and bell peppers on this dish may look intimidating but isn't that spicy. It has more of peppery (and I meant bell pepper) kind of spice but well-balanced by tomato sauce.

Wild Wild Wings (230Php)
Deep fried marinated chicken wings braised in mild spicy, sweet and sour sauce. Served with French fries 
Wild Wild Wings 

Sweet-chili saucy wings that kids can enjoy. I said that because my son loved this one.
Wild Wild Wings Minestrone Soup 

Minestrone Soup (150Php)
Savory vegetables, plum tomatoes, red kidney beans, and pasta topped with bacon bits and parmesan 
Minestrone Soup 

Minestrone Soup is a tomato based soup that is filling as it has macaroni, vegetables, and beans in it. I can imagine it with a grilled cheese sandwich for snacks -- that would be a great combination.

Chicken Teriyaki (290Php)
Grilled boneless chicken simmered in signature teriyaki sauce served with Asian vegetables and steamed rice 
Chicken Teriyaki 

Cafe Romancon's Chicken Teriyaki has a high intensity of teriyaki flavor seeping through the chicken meat that's why I'd say it is best to be combined with rice to balance out. The additional sauce on the side may not be needed, but who knows when you'll long for that sweet savory teriyaki taste!

Norwegian Salmon (390Php)
Pan fried salmon with cream leak sauce, garden vegetables on mashed potato 
Norwegian Salmon 

This Norwegian Salmon gives a guiltless pleasure and an "I'm-eating-healthy" feeling without compromising the taste. The mashed potato is a surprise as it wasn't that seasoned but I love the smoothness and lightness complementing the meal.

Sizzling Brownies (225Php)
Choice of peanut butter, viennese, or dark chocolate chip brownies on hot metal plate served with warm milk and vanilla ice cream 
Sizzling Brownies 

This is like brownie a la mode but on the next level as you pour the milk on it and watch it sizzle! The brownie is warm and dense, and you eat it with the cold ice cream on top for that wonderful contrast.
Sizzling Brownies Crema Catalana 

Crema Catalana (120Php)
Traditional custard from Catalonia
Crema Catalana 

If you're looking for a dessert that's not too sweet, light, with a little firmness, yet remains creamy, Crema Catalana is what you should try.

Below are other dishes that I didn't get to try but just leaving them here so you have idea on what they look like:

Barbecued Pork Ribs (350Php)
Tender pork ribs with tangy barbecue sauce served with buttered vegetables and mashed potato 
Barbecued Pork Ribs 

Kani Mango Salad (190Php)
Mixed greens topped with shredded crabsticks, dried mango strips, crunchy vermicelli noodles, ebiko and drizzled with Japanese mango dressing 
Kani Mango Salad 

Friesian Express (350Php)
Seared hanging beef tender with rosemary pan jus, served with seasonal vegetables and country style fried potato wedges 
Friesian Express 

And since we stayed at Hotel Benilde, we get FREE Breakfast Buffet. The selections are not overwhelming but just enough for a hearty meal.
hearty breakfast 

There are different types of bread and a selection of spreads and cheeses, cereals, salads, and make-your-own arroz caldo/lugaw.
various selections filling options 

Have your egg cooked sunny side up or scrambled. Boneless bangus, corned beef, chicken that you can pair with your fried rice. I think the selections vary everyday. But... why no crispy bacon?! Or you can have it but for a price.
salad, fruits, juices 

There are also fruits and juices, milk and coffee to complete your morning.

There's no specific cuisine being served here at Cafe Romancon. But I love the carefully thought menu -- not too many, uncomplicated yet homey and comforting. When I looked at it and read the description of each dish, it was like I want them all! Huge serving and reasonably priced, I will surely drop by again.
little boy at Cafe Romancon 

Cafe Romancon
Hotel Benilde, Arellano Avenue Corner Estrada Street, Malate, Manila
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Disclaimer: I was invited as a blogger to feature this restaurant. Photos with my watermark are mine and shouldn't be used without my permission. 
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