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Braving the Pixie: What to Consider Before and What to Expect After

Go for a pixie!! 

It has been a year since I had my shortest hair ever!! Now if you're considering to take on the leap just like what I did, below pointers may help you.

  1. Do you really want it?
  2. Of course you really have to want it! If you've been living a Rapunzel life and suddenly decided to go for a pixie, this is going to be life changing. It's a risk, to be honest. You wouldn't really know if it will work on you or not. So it's important that you are decided, not haphazardly. I don't really consider myself a risk taker but more of someone who always longs for something different. So my mindset was, "I wanted to look different. However it goes, I'll make it work!"
    my hair can be tamed while damp but most of the time, I tie it up 

  3. Find a "peg" or an inspiration
  4. One way to know if pixie will look good on you is to look for a peg. Browse the internet. There are several pixie hair types and styles. Find something that will match your face shape and hair type. My hair is thick, wavy, and fluffy so that's what I look for as well
    some photos from the internet for peg 

  5. Find a stylist/salon
  6. This part isn't so easy unless you already have a trusted stylist. Way back 2013, I was decided to go for a pixie (see post here: However, at that time, the stylist did not agree with my plan, and no one seconded my decision. So for years, I tend to believe that short-short hair won't work on me... not until a friend suggested I go for a pixie! I was delighted by the idea. Like it was a "dream" set aside and now to be fulfilled. He even had everything laid out -- from looks to stylist and salon.
    after haircut at Thesis Salon looks more of a short bob 

    Just a side story, we were supposed to have the haircut at Colour N Styles Salon, a small salon near Cash N Carry where my friend usually go to for styling and haircut. But due to a misunderstanding, the stylist wasn't available. Since I wanted to have my haircut before I went on a vacation (Hong Kong tour), I decided to just make use of my gift certificate at Thesis Salon in BGC. My hair looked great right after the haircut. But the days after were horrible! I can't seem to fix it that I ended up putting clips or band the whole duration of my vacation to make it work.
    what happened a day after.... waahh... oh noes! 

    So after a week, right after I got back from vacation, I told my friend I needed another haircut. This time, at Colour N Styles -- the original plan. The stylist already knew what to do and even suggested to put some color and highlights. Everything for just Php700 (discount included), not bad at all!!
    enjoying the Hong Kong view with a hairband ... or hairclips! 

  1. Emotional longing 
  2. If you're like me who has been used to the warmth of that thick long hair, going on a pixie may cause drastic change and affect you emotionally. There were days that I miss my hair, braiding it, tying it up high, smelling it. But you'll get used to it. The thought that I can always grow it back, though it will take time, helped. Plus, it's like having a new chapter in my life that I should enjoy and explore!
    look! I can still braid it! often confused as a boy when I'm wearing T-shirt 

  3. It isn't really "low maintenance"
  4. When I still had the long hair, every year I need to have a hair rebond. Then after some months when the wavy parts are already showing, there goes the pony tail or clips. It has been like this routine for years!

    For a pixie, maintenance part really depends on you and your hair type. Day after my haircut, I was struggling to achieve the same look as it was on the first day. So everyday I had to use hair dryer/iron and mousse. Every 2-3 months, I need to have a haircut. But the good news, I use way less shampoo and conditioner! Shampooing my hair just takes seconds. Over time, I get a bit used to my hair that a comb is no longer necessary -- wash and wear!
    sometimes my bangs are straight... sometimes extra wavy! 

  5. No two hairstyles are exactly the same
  6. Everyday is a surprise! Even though I wash my hair the same way every single day, I get a different result after letting it dry naturally. Sometimes I feel fab, sometimes dreadful, but it's definitely exciting! I went to different stylists for the past year and they also have different interpretations of how I want my hair to behave. Hair easily grows with pixie anyway so after a month or so, you can have another look.
    when I'm feeling a bit formal it can also be brushed up! 

For the longest time, I have been trying to tame the waviness and fluffiness of my hair through rebonding. I wished I had better hair. But after going for the "big chop", I learned to celebrate the natural form of my crowning glory. I love the days when it has more curls and volume, or when its sleek and neat. My hair shows off more of my personality and creates character with minimal effort. I know some people love it, and some don't. But what matters is how I feel about it. And right now, with the convenience, the use of less products, and the overall aura it gives, I would still keep it short.

with a clip streaks of bangs getting long and messy 
faux mohawk! clip it on a side fluffy 
after gym look! nice side bangs side swept waves  

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.