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REVIEW: Philkor Spa Center: P99 60-minute Body Scrub and Body Massage (P1000 Value) from MetroDeal!

Who would not be enticed to grab a body scrub and body massage deal in Makati for only 99Php? Surely, I was one of those who never let this chance pass.

Philkor Spa Center is not really along Makati Avenue (as I initially thought it is). It is nearly between A-Venue and Dr Jose P. Rizal Avenue, along Valdez Street corner Santiago Street. I had no issues in reservation though I chose a weekend slot for two persons. The venue itself and the interior wasn't so appealing. It is like a simple house turned into spa. Still it tried to create a spa ambiance. We were placed in a dim room with red light and curtain dividers. At least the dim environment made it look cozy, add to that the relaxing music playing. The scent of peppermint oil was also noticeable even at the entrance.

Bring extra underwear. Since this is not my first time to experience a body scrub (the first was with Bacarra Spa), I had it ready. Disposable undies are available for a price in case you forgot to bring one.

*The Body Scrub*

Lying face down, the scrub was applied from feet and legs to back and arms, then on the other side of my body. It felt that the scrub was just "applied" and not "scrubbed" on my body. I even doubt if it would exfoliate dead skin cells due to how fast and how lax the procedure was done. I was then wrapped in a blanket for around 5-10mins. After that, time to rinse. Since they only had 1 shower room, I had to go first while Allen waited wrapped. It took time for me to rinse off the scrub as it was a bit tacky. When I was done, it was my turn to wait. For sure it would be harder for Allen to rinse off as the scrub may have dried on his skin while waiting for me to finish. When both of us have settled, the attendants came back for our massage. 

*The Massage*

Hard pressing and kneading on my back - the first few strokes came unexpected. I was surprised and was about to react when the masseuse noticed that I was wearing napkin. She asked if I have my period and I said yes. She said I should have told her as she was pressing hard on my back. But even if I have or don't have my period, isn't it automatic to ask your customer whether she requires a soft or hard massage, or at least to check if the pressure is still at comfortable level? I then said that I would just want a soft massage, but still, I observed that the pressure was inconsistent. There are times when it was too hard, and at times manageable. To be honest, it wasn't that relaxing. It felt that the masseuse was in a hurry doing each strokes, kneading and pressing. I still tried to appreciate it. There was a point (while doing the back massage) when it was good, but didn't last that long. I also like the stretching while seating which I haven't tried in other spas before. Head massage, which is my usual favorite, is just okay. After the massage, I was given a mini envelope with the masseuse's name - the "tip form".

The whole procedure lasted for around 60 minutes including the several waiting time. For 99Php, one cannot really expect much. But given its original price of 1000Php, I doubt I'll have a second try. 

Philkor Spa Center
4378 Valdez St. corner Santiago St., Makati City
+632 7510211, +63920 5140479, +63919 7449591  

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