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contact me Tea Lounge: Roast Pork Pho, Crisp Pork Banh Mi Sandwich, and more Tea Lounge

Tea lounge on a lunch time? That was the question at the back of my mind when Allen invited me to have lunch at Tea Lounge. My idea of a tea place is just teas and sweets. But man, surprised me in amazing ways.

The place is small yet has a pleasant modern interior: black, white, gray, accented with texture, colorful tea containers, shimmering diamond lights. The ambiance is welcoming and relaxing. We were lucky to meet the owner, Renee Sebastian, who is Philippines' first Tea Master. She was hands-on on everything, from entertaining the guests, preparing the teas, and sometimes, even serving them. has a wide range of menu which are being refreshed every week. Aside from that, there is also a secret dish which will only be revealed when you visit the place.

Let's start this wonderful lunch experience.

To help you decide on what tea will suit your mood, there are mini jars containing the leaves, fruits, or whatever ingredients which you can smell to get the aroma and set your mood for a hot cup of tea. Mini Jars of Tea Ingredients

Passion Green Tea and Skala Fruit Tea (8oz - 100Php, 16oz - 125Php, 20oz - 140Php) Passion Green Tea Skala Fruit Tea

Renee suggested two of the best seller teas that they have: Passion Green Tea for me, and Skala Fruit Tea for Allen. Hot water is placed in the tea pot and left for a few minutes. Mind you, it is timed. Once done, the tea pot will be placed on top of the cup, and the tea will flow to the tea cup. Amazing, this is the first time I witness this. For refill, water will just be placed in the same tea pot and the same process will happen -- good for two cups tea goodness

Both teas have the relaxing fragrant aroma, that even without sipping, I can already feel leafy/fruity taste. Passion Green Tea is the one that gave the leafy grassy taste... so tea-like but refreshing. Skala Fruit Tea has the sweet berry-like taste. It gave a lively feeling. Each tea has its benefits. Most are anti-oxidants, can delay signs of aging, can lower cholesterol, and can cause slimming! 

Roast Pork Pho (Full Order - 240Php, Half Order - 180Php)
Spiced Tea Broth, Rice Noodles, Herbs, Roast Pork Roast Pork Pho

We had a full order then divided it into two. Above is my share and it is good enough for one. Roast Pork Pho with tea

This reminded me of a Vietnamese dish but definitely with a twist. The crunchy roast pork, even soaked in tea broth, was really a plus factor. I loved everything about this dish: the rice noodle, the unboring tea soup, and even the different sauces that added more excitement to the already delicious dish. Roast Pork Pho sauce Roast Pork Pho

Crisp Pork Banh Mi Sandwich (340Php)
Crispy Sisig, Tea & Sriracha, Vegetable Slaw, Banh Mi Bun, Potato Wedges Crisp Pork Banh Mi Sandwich

Another tea-infused meal and a best-seller which Allen and I have shared. Even the half share can already make you stuffed. Crisp Pork Banh Mi Sandwich for two

The sandwich is overloaded and would have been healthy if not for the crispy sisig. Don't expect the usual minced pork parts as these are chunks, almost like the roast pork. There's a kick of spiciness due to Sriracha but a bite on the well-flavored potato wedge can counter it. This is not your ordinary sandwich and a must-try! Crisp Pork Banh Mi Sandwich Burger (390Php)
200g Beef, Pork Jowls, Corn Wasabi, Berry Compote, Potato Wedges Burger

Beef plus pork is sinful! But who would not want to make a sin for this chunky beefy burger. Berry compote blended with the beefy taste and gave a unique flavor. Ooops, but this is a secret dish. Ask the waiter for it. Burger set

Coconut & Tea Panna Cotta
Coconut & Tea Panna Cotta, Santol Compote, Earl Grey Tea marinated Watermelon Coconut & Tea Panna Cotta

Another one that's not in the menu, but very much recommended. Just by looking at it... mouth-watering. I wonder how to eat it to get the utmost flavor. Hint: the garnishing are not just garnishing. Take a portion of the panna cotta and a pinch of marinated watermelon, plus a dip of santol compote. The result is a unique and very interesting mix yet delighting. I was really amazed on how the flavors blended well Coconut & Tea Panna Cotta

Mini Macaroon Duo (80Php)
Choose two from Xaouen Rose, Mint, Dallah Earl Grey, Mangga, Skala Berry, Kape Mini Macaron Duo

I love macaroons and I would never let this chance pass without trying's mini French macaroons. I ordered the Xaouen Rose and Mangga. The size is small, maybe just an inch in diameter. But these sweet little things are great and if you ask me, I would want more! Mini Macaron Duo

It was really a sa-TEA-sfying lunch at From starter teas, to main courses, up to desserts. Add to that the wonderful ambiance. I love how this place is filled with passion and attention to details which can be reflected on how the food were presented, the food ingredients, the interior, the overall feeling. Graffi-TEA of satisfied customers Tea Lounge
G/F Net Lima Building, 4th Avenue and 26th Street
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Mon - Thu: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm
Fri - Sat: 10:00 am - 12:00 am
Sun: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

+63 2 478 3579