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GIVEAWAY: Shoes Searching: Size 10/11, anyone?

When it comes to clothes, I can easily fit in free size tops or "generic" size clothing that you can easily see in department stores, bazaars, and boutiques. This gives me a wide range of styles to choose from and adjust according to my budget. 

For shoes, that's a different story... most of the time, a sad story. In an Asian country where the average shoe size of women is size 7, it has been a nightmare to have a size 10/11 feet. You go to stores, check the shoe displays, your eyes twinkled over a pair, you get excited... then the sales lady says they only have up to size 9. From then on, you ask the sales lady first for their biggest shoe size before checking the styles (as if it would lessen the disappointment) or you ask for the "plus size" or "big sizes" section of the store, just to find none of the styles appeals you. You check the US brands where they got the trend, and definitely the size! But when you check your wallet, oops, not within your budget. And so there would be times that you'll risk buying size 9 shoes thinking it would still loosen up or stretch, but then ending up with dead toenails and blisters, or worse, your shoes gave up on you.

*sigh* The frustrations I get whenever I shop for shoes. 

From frustrating to wishful thinking, as Drowning Equilibrium is giving away a pair of shoes from Chocolate Schu Bar to two lucky winners. Check out the mechanics here. Winners will be selected via on August 23. :)

*pictures from Drowning Equilibrium blog

Well I heard Chocolate Schu Bar has trendy shoes for big-foot women, and that makes me join this contest! :)