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REVIEW: Shui Spa: P345 90-min Shui Hilot Combo Massage (P1150 Value) from MetroDeal!

Finally... we were able to make a reservation at Shui Hilot Healing Spa before our vouchers expire. We had a hard time looking for slots maybe because [1] MetroDeal is repeating their deals and so thousands of people are making reservations; [2] Shui Hilot is always saying that they are fully booked, maybe still due to [1].

Our reservation was at 1:00PM (since this is the only slot left for July), but for i-dont-know-what reason, we thought it was at 11:30AM (our fault..). It was raining hard, I had to wake up a few hours earlier than my usual, and when we got there, whoa... it was 1.5 hours before the schedule. I noticed that there are actually no customers so it got me thinking why we had difficulty in looking for slots. I would just like to think that maybe, a lot of customers made reservations but were not able to come due to the weather, OR there were only a few therapists and could only accommodate a few customers in a day, OR for whatever reason. Anyhow, I am still glad that they were able to accommodate us despite being too early for our reserved slot.

Venue-wise, it can easily be located at De la Rosa corner Perea Street, Makati, almost near Greenbelt 5. There's a big sign "Shui Hilot Healing Spa", and when you enter, you'll notice the banig flooring, relaxing music and ambiance. 

*The Massage*

Before the actual massage, we were asked to soak our feet in lukewarm water, I guess just to wash them. It then started with "Ventosa Theraphy". Through heat, vacuum has been created inside the upside-down glass which causes my skin to lift or be "sucked" by the glass. Four glasses were placed on my back, and after sometime, they were moved towards my lower back. This is my first time to try this theraphy and it feels good. There is pressure and pinching feeling, especially when the glass is being rolled to another location. It is then followed by back and leg massage, and what they call "Dagdagay" foot massage. Another first time to try, and I really love it! It involves slight poking and rolling of stick in front and on the sole of my feet. This is very relaxing and a new experience. I believe that Shui's Therapist are also well-trained in foot reflexology to be able to perform this. Arms, hand, shoulders, and head massage followed.

Overall, this has been a brand new experience for me and somehow differentiates "massage" with "hilot". Shui's way is more on removing "lamig", stimulating blood circulation, a bit of stretching and removing muscle tension through specific strokes and techniques. Indeed, it focuses on healing, and not just routinary massage. 

G/F Tropical Palms
Dela Rosa Street, cor. Perea Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City
+632 393-2314, +632 707-7453, +632 664-9369

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