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Hello Fellow Electronics Engineers!

Three or more years have passed since you were recognized as Engineers. And to continue being "acknowledged" as engineer -- or for a more practical reason, to have/present a valid ID, the need for license renewal arises.

Let me give you a STEP-BY-STEP PROCESS on how to do it!


  • 2 pieces PASSPORT size picture in WHITE background with COMPLETE NAME TAG (PRC logo not necessary)
  • Any recent 1x1, passport size, or 2x2 picture for IECEP ID
  • 2 photocopies of recent PRC License ID (front and back of the ID in one page)
  • Black ballpen for filling up the form
  • Paste/glue to attach your picture
  • MONEY!
*In case of LOST PRC ID which is still current, submit Affidavit of Loss
**In case of DESTROYED PRC ID, surrender the destroyed card

  • Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) is located at P. Paredes cor. Morayta Street, Sampaloc, Manila
    Map - PRC
  • How to get there?
    • From Taft Avenue, ride a jeep/FX going to España/UST (I took the FX which costs me 20Php)
    • After Quiapo, jeep/FX will pass under the bridge then to the right (to España). Get off at Greenwich. Better yet, just ask the driver to drop you off at PRC.
  • For Electronics Engineer License renewal, IECEP membership is a MUST. So better to renew your IECEP membership first, before renewing your PRC license.

  1. Renew your IECEP membership. IECEP office is located in front of PRC. 3/F Don Lorenzo Bldg.
    You need to pass a copy of your recent PRC ID and a picture for your IECEP ID.
    You will be asked to fill out a form. You may need your recent IECEP ID for Membership No.
    Pay 1,300Php for the membership. This is valid for 3 years. You will be given a Certification.
  2. Photocopy the IECEP Certification. This will be needed for your License renewal. (2.50Php per copy)
  3. Go to PRC and get a RENEWAL FORM. You may get the form at the Public Assistance Unit. This is the window at the left just after you have entered PRC.
    You may also get the RENEWAL FORM here but be sure to print it back-to-back and with the right size: RENEWAL FORM
  4. Fill up the RENEWAL FORM.
    Paste the Passport size picture (with name tag) to the form. Sample filled up form:
  5. Present RENEWAL FORM to Window 16 or 18. No need to submit yet the requirements but you might be asked if you already have the IECEP Certification.
    The staff will indicate the amount that you are going to pay, the claim date (2 weeks after the date you filed the renewal) and Window where you can get the new ID.
    Renewal is 450Php. A surcharge of 30Php is added for every month passed the expiration date.
  6. Pay the amount at the Cashier. You just need to present the RENEWAL FORM. You will be given a receipt.
  7. Submit the requirements to Window 16 or 18. You need to submit the following:
    • Receipt from cashier
    • Photocopy of the PRC ID
    • Photocopy of IECEP membership
    • Passport size picture with name tag
    You will then be given the claim slip.

I was at Morayta 2:10PM and finished the whole process (from IECEP membership to License renewal) by 2:50PM. I guess I was quite lucky.

Note that there is a different process for renewal with conversion (from Electronics and Communications Engineer to Electronics Engineer). There is also an option to have the new ID be delivered via courier, but I didn't take that option.

Hope this somehow helps! ;b

Mar 30, '11 4:43 PM | Multiply


My ECE License will expire this Sunday, February 23, 2014 yet I decided not to renew it anymore. I wrote the above post 3 years ago and based on some posts, the process is no longer applicable. I asked one of my college professors who is now affiliated with IECEP and this is what she mentioned: 
" need to earn 45 CPD points in order to renew your license. you also need to renew your membership with IECEP. Kindly contact Merly, the secretariat of IECEP Manila chapter. She will give you the procedure how to renew your license. "