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REVIEW: RescueDerm: P500 Deep Cleansing Facial & Intense Diamond Peel Package (P1500 Value) from CashCashPinoy!

Saw this deal in CashCashPinoy, and thought that.. "oh, it's my chance to try Diamond Peel!". Valued at 1500Php, let's see if it is worth the price...

We were 15mins earlier our scheduled appointment. The door is locked, no one in the reception area. The aesthetician may have noticed us, let us in, asked us to sign up, and told us that we still have to wait as they still have a patient. Ahhh... lack of staff to accommodate customers.

After a few minutes, they asked us who will go first (again, we wonder why we can't just start at the same time since we have set an appointment for two). I decided to go ahead, and after 10mins, my BF. As we go along the procedures, we found the answer to our question. Lack of equipment! After the steamer has been used on one patient, it will then be passed to the next room where another patient is waiting. And this goes for the other machines as well (eg. diamond peel machine).

There is a dedicated room for each patient. The white-painted walls may look plain (typical to a hospital) but accented with charcoal/pencil "nude" paintings. (I love the interior of the washroom though. It looks more relaxing. hehe) Now, below is the sequence of the process... as far as I remember... (some terms I got from my BF as he kept asking the aesthetician about the procedures being done. Haha. You must visit his blog at

*The Treatment*
  1. Steam - My face was set under steamer for 5mins
  2. Cleasing milk - A cold cream was applied to my face, followed by massage. As the attendant is massaging my face, I felt a bit of stingy sensation.
  3. Vacuum - May have been a way to remove the cream, but more importantly, to give your face a "lift".. literally.
  4. Papaya Scrub - At first I thought this is already the Diamond Peel (no idea on it! haha). But this is actually a way to gently exfoliate the skin.
  5. Diamond Peel - Referred by the aesthetician as "sandpaper sensation to remove blemishes and white heads", I find it totally painless, and it justified the "Intense" (Diamond Peel) term used to sell this deal.
  6. Prick - Thought the experience was relaxing, but wait, there's more! "Deep Cleansing Facial" isn't what it's supposed to be without shedding some tears! But compared to the other "pricking" I had in the past, this is less painful, but not that satisfying. The attendant mainly focused on the black heads on my nose and still left a lot of comedones on the other parts of my face.
  7. Antibiotic - I guess this is self-explanatory. Hehe

Overall, I guess the 1-hour experience was just so-so. Services were a bit pricey, and the staffs were just reactive on your needs. They won't even advise when to wash your face after treatment, what would be its effect, or what are the recommended treatments... unless you asked them. So for now, I'll just observe if I'll go for another diamond peel (...but in a different clinic. hihi).

RescueDerm Skin and Laser Center

LG-Unit 9 Swire Elan Suites 49 Annapolis St., Greenhills, San Juan
+632 744-0365

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Apr 17, '11 5:13 AM | Multiply