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My Boyfriend is a Rock Star

My Boyfriend is a Rock Star  

He was just starting in a band when we first met. Having the same interest for music, we easily got along. It didn’t take long when we realized we’re on the right beat. We listen to the same genre. We jump together, shout our lungs out, and sing to the rhythm of our favorite bands during concerts. That’s how we rock!

He had then progressed with a new and more popular band. I saw how he struggled to meet the expectations. How his hands pain and tremble as he tried different strokes and techniques he had never done before. (But of course my hands were always ready to comfort his.) I went out of my way to join him in their band rehearsals. From simple gigs to band competitions, I was always present: as a personal assistant, a photographer, or whatever the need may be. I’m his number one fan!

Their band easily climbed up the ladder and became phenomenal. Now he’s not just a fan watching his favorite bands from afar but playing on the same stage with them. It was also to my advantage that I get free backstage pass to meet and greet the bands I never thought I would see face to face.

However, along with their rising popularity is the downside of our love song. There was a time when I was about to hug him for a great performance but I was pushed off by some ladies who wanted to take pictures with them. He could not do anything; neither I. He needed to please the fans, and I was obliged to understand. It even came to a point that we could no longer go out during weekends as he needed more time for rehearsals. He could not even walk me home during weekdays for if not for late night gigs, he had to stick with his band mates. I wanted to demand time and attention but these just seemed to add more pressure on him. I sensed the sudden shift of priority and the tighter competition: career vs. me.

Unfortunately, I was the one who was dropped off. Now, I guess I should be renaming this blog: My Ex-boyfriend is a Rock Star.

Sep 18, '09 4:14 PM | Multiply