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REVIEW: Elegant Secrets: P250 Elegant Secrets Signature - Foot Spa, Foot Scrub, Pedicure & 30-minute Massage (P600 Value) from Ensogo!

This is a good treat for my feet and legs after a tiring 5K-run from Unilab Run United 1 2011.

Elegant Secrets is located at Timog Avenue (quite far from my house). Upon entering the place, you can already hear the relaxing music (like those you hear in hotel lobbies.. haha), and smell the soothing aroma. Customers are seated side by side (though there are curtain dividers if you need privacy). I actually love the couch plus neck pillow...very sleep-inducing!

Let's start the pampering!

Foot Spa

For foot spa, I was seated next to the sink and pails of water, so ambiance-wise, negative (hehe). My feet were soaked in supposedly-lukewarm water, but it is actually warmer and quite intolerable so I had to ask the attendant to add cold water. She also mixed some green foot spa paste (quite minty) into the water. My feet and lower legs were rubbed with pink soap/paste with microbeads. After soaking my feet for roughly 5-10mins, they were then washed, and towel-dried.

Foot Scrub

I was transferred to another room (better ambiance) for the rest of the procedure. I chose the seat beside the window (hoping for a good view.. but I just saw building constructions. haha). I had to wait for some time since there were no enough attendants for their customers. Anyway, for the foot scrub, it started with spraying the sole of my feet with soap-diluted water. Using a small stainless foot file (used for calluses), she started "scraping" thin flakes of skin from my sole (haha!). After that, she used another foot file for further exfoliating of dead skin cells. Lastly, she sprayed "something" to make the sole of my feet pinkish. Very tickling experience!

Foot Massage

First, she applied oil on my legs and feet. After that, I no longer know if she is following any strokes or reflexology. All I know is she has been pressing, and squeezing, and rubbing, ...and texting!! Where's your focus my dear?! (harsh much! hehe). But still, that massage was relaxing, but not satisfying.


For this procedure, there is another attendant assigned for this. Having pedicure is not something new to me. The same method: removing the cuticles, trimming the nails, applying nail polish.

After pedicure, the attendants were no longer entertaining us, even just telling us if the whole procedure is already done, if we can still stay, or whatever. So we just assumed that it's done, stayed for a while to let the nail polish dry, then left.

Over-all, this is a so-so experience for 250Php (but I guess not really worth the 600Php true value, also considering its location).

Elegant Secrets Nail, Body, Waxing Studio
54 Timog Ave. Brgy. Laging Handa, Quezon City
+632 227-0795

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