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Pancake House at 50: A Sweet Partnership with Cacao Trace


As Pancake House celebrates its golden year, the journey that began in 1974 continues to thrive with an enduring commitment to quality, comfort, and community. This milestone not only marks 50 years of serving classic dishes but also introduces a new chapter of special moments through doing good. In alignment with this celebration, Pancake House proudly announces a community partnership with Cacao-Trace in Davao, an initiative dedicated to producing high-quality cocoa while uplifting the farmers who cultivate it. This collaboration is a testament to Pancake House’s dedication to supporting local communities and ensuring the highest quality in their offerings.

The Farm-to-Table Process

Central to this partnership is the farm-to-table process, which ensures that every cocoa product from Cacao-Trace meets the highest standards of quality and taste. The initiative has perfected the art of fermentation, a crucial step that enhances the flavor profile of cocoa. By working closely with certified farmers and providing extensive training, Cacao-Trace ensures that only the best cocoa beans make it to the market.

The process begins with the careful selection of high-quality wet beans, which are pre-sorted and screened by farmers. This meticulous approach not only guarantees a superior product but also empowers more than 1,600 Filipino farmers by giving them the skills and knowledge to produce top-tier cocoa.

The result is a cocoa product that is rich, flavorful, and ethically sourced, perfectly aligning with Pancake House’s commitment to ‘honest to goodness’ dining – from flavor to value and quality. REAL goodness, REAL flavor, and REAL value. Pancake House is happy to bring forth these cacao products in their very own meals and treats.

Sharing the Sweetness

Pancake House champions the spirit of communal unity through their use of sustainable chocolate products in several beloved menu items. A byproduct of the Cacao-Trace program, the rich, flavorful cocoa is now a key ingredient in Pancake House’s Brownies, Hot Chocolate, and Chocolate Chip Pancakes. These items not only delight the palate but also support a sustainable and equitable cocoa supply chain.

Customers can now enjoy these dishes a little more knowing they are contributing to a greater cause. This initiative not only enhances the culinary offerings at Pancake House but also reinforces its role as a place that upholds community and feel-good moments.

Cacao-Trace: Excellence and Empowerment

Cacao-Trace is an initiative that focuses on doing good while delivering exceptional cocoa products. Their mission is to ensure that farmers benefit from the value they create, which is why they invest heavily in training and collaborating with certified farmers. This partnership helps farmers produce high-quality cocoa that meets stringent standards, ensuring both superior taste and sustainability.

Through Cacao-Trace’s efforts, farmers are equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to master the fermentation process, which is essential for developing the rich flavors of the cocoa. This rigorous process results in cocoa that is not only delicious but also supports the livelihoods of the farmers who produce it. The commitment to quality and community welfare makes Cacao-Trace an ideal partner for Pancake House as it celebrates this significant milestone.

A Celebration of Heritage and Innovation

As Pancake House celebrates its 50th year, it remains steadfast in its mission to deliver comforting food made with care and excellence. The collaboration with Cacao-Trace exemplifies how Pancake House continues to innovate while staying true to its roots. By incorporating premium, sustainably sourced cocoa into its classic menu items, Pancake House honors its heritage and looks forward to a future of continued success and community support.

This partnership enhances Pancake House’s ability to offer dishes that evoke nostalgia while introducing new flavors to delight both long-time patrons and new customers. The integration of Cacao-Trace cocoa into items like Brownies, Hot Chocolate, and Chocolate Chip Pancakes brings a touch of luxury and sustainability to the classic comfort food that Pancake House is known for.

For five decades, Pancake House has been a cornerstone of comfort and quality in Philippine dining. The partnership with Cacao-Trace is just one example of how Pancake House will continue to innovate while staying true to its roots. By supporting sustainable practices and community initiatives, Pancake House ensures that every meal is not only delicious but also meaningful.

Everyone is invited to Pancake House’s sweet 50th year celebration. Enjoy the rich, flavorful treats made with Cacao-Trace cocoa and experience the perfect blend of old and new.