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Equal: Time to Go Natural with BUY 2 GET 2 PROMO on Naturals Stevia only on Shopee!


BUY 2 GET 2 PROMO on Equal's Naturals Stevia this APR28! 

I love anything SWEET! Desserts, drinks, and even on cooked dishes, I tend to lean on sugary ones. It wasn't a problem before... when I was younger and active and my metabolism was faster than I can digest my food (haha!). But now that aging has hit me, I had to cut on sugar to keep my body on shape. 

To be honest, keeping in shape is very hard especially when pandemic happened and I wasn't able to do my exercise/dance routine anymore. I started by reducing my rice intake. As long as I can taste the white rice no matter how little it is, I'm fine. But what I'm having a hard time right now is lessening my coffee dose. Coffee without sweetness isn't really a coffee for me. This is where finding a sugar replacement comes in. 

Equal's Naturals Stevia tablet is a guilt free way to sweeten coffee, tea, and other hot drinks with 0 calories and 0 net carbs. Made with the best tasting extracts from stevia leaves and packed into convenient, easy to carry tablets, this sweet zero calorie goodness is perfect for on-the-go use. One (1) tablet sweetens like one (1) teaspoon of sugar.

If you are like me who wanted to go for a sugar alternative with zero calories, now is the best time to buy Naturals Stevia as they are having a BUY 2 GET 2 PROMO as Equal takes the Shopee Brand Spotlight

Check out the link of the product below to take advantage of this promo: 

Naturals Stevia 200 Tablets - Buy 2 Get 2

Naturals Stevia 200 Tablets - Buy 2 Get 2 

Made with stevia leaves extract and best for beverages, Naturals Stevia Sugar Replacement 200 tablets is a zero calorie sweetener with convenient packs for carrying around.

Buy it here:

I'm happy that I am able to find a sugar alternative that can give the sweetness to my favorite beverages and food but without the added calorie. Even happier with the ongoing Buy 2 Get 2 promo on Shopee as it means huge savings for me! 

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