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Shopee X Promil: Sign up at SHOPEE MOM'S CLUB and Get Exclusive Deals from PROMIL!


Shopee Mom's Club x Promil 

Are you already part of Shopee Mom's Club? If not, whyyyy?? Especially if you're a parent who relies on online platforms like Shopee for buying essentials for you and your kids, you're missing a lot of SAVINGS if you're not yet part of it. 

Shopee Mom's Club is a community created to provide the best deals, so parents and soon-to-be parents can give the best to their children. Signing up is FREE! And by just signing up, you'll be able to receive a Welcome Gift, and enjoy Exclusive Discounts and Vouchers. Watch out for Exclusive Brand Discounts every week during Shopee Mom's Club Mondays. Aside from this, Shopee Mom's Club helps parents through Mom-centric Livestream topics, and by providing a Curated Collection where moms can shop by age, by category, and recommended products. 

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Promil is one of the many mom-and-baby partner brands of Shopee Mom's Club and you can get vouchers or discounts such as this when you sign up. This is apart from the sitewide or brand vouchers accessible to everyone. 

I breastfed my son until three years old and so the search for a milk that will provide the most nutrition for my son's growing needs has always been a challenge. Of course no other milk can replace, or be at par with the milk produced by a mom especially for her child -- breastmilk! But Promil Four and Promil Gold Four are two of the best choices you can have, plus you can get great savings from Shopee Mom's Club.

Promil Four

Promil Four 

The new PROMIL® FOUR with its all-new packaging and best ever formulation now has the NutriGift System specially formulated with MOS+ to help double the immunity. It also has the highest ever levels of DHA compared to the previous formulation, plus AA, Carotenes, Selenium, and Zinc, along with other brain and immunity nutrients that will surely help nurture your child’s gift.

Buy it here:

Promil Gold Four

Promil Gold Four 

PROMIL GOLD® FOUR is the most advanced (versus previous formulations) milk supplement that is expertly formulated to support a young child’s brain, immunity and physical development. It is the only milk supplement from Wyeth Nutrition® enriched with breakthrough, brain-boosting α-lipids (AlphaLipids) to help speed up brain connections up to 100x faster helping your AlphaKid to think fast! It also has HMO and other nutrients such as Vitamins A, C, and E, Zinc, Selenium, and more to help support immunity and brain development. The α-Lactalbumin (Alpha-Lactalbumin) incorporated in Promil Gold Four aims to support proper growth, while Calcium and Vitamin D support bone development. No added sucrose to promote healthy weight gain, lowering the risk of obesity. 
Buy it here:

NOTE that PROMIL Four and PROMIL Gold Four are for children aged 3+.  These are not suitable for use as breastmilk substitute and should be taken together with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. 

Don't forget to sign up at Shopee Mom's Club for FREE and enjoy exclusive discounts and vouchers. Download the Shopee App and use ShopeePay for more vouchers and offers! 

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