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Silka: Watch How Holidays Bring Families Together in "Alagang Silka" Video!


Maalagang Pasko with Silka! 

The Holiday Season has always been my favorite time of the year! It is when you think about others and find the perfect gifts. It is also when you give time to prepare food, to go out of your way to meet up with relatives and friends, or simply, to be with your family and celebrate together. 

For 2020, this season that we've been waiting for will be different because of the pandemic that has affected the world. Buying gifts is through online shops. Meet-ups and parties are done virtually through video conferencing. But as you can see, the situation may have changed but the love and care we have for our family and friends remained the same. 

This is exactly what was shown in Silka's new video -- "Alagang Silka" -- where a large family comes together for Christmas. 

Grandfather sets up the dinner table then calls Grandmother who is rubbing Silka lotion on her hands "to look fresh for the picture". Then there goes Mother, who checks on her daughter, while applying lotion on her legs. Millie, the daughter, confirms she's almost done as she rolls Silka deodorant on her underarm. Mom then checks on Dad who is still showering using Silka soap

A newly-wed couple comes into the scene with the Wife applying Silka Facial Cleanser on her face as she prepares to what seemed to be a huge Christmas family get-together. While everyone is set for dinner, Grandfather looks for Anna, a nurse, who is missing from the scene. Anna, after washing her hands with Silka soap, sits down, and says, "Okay, guys, game? 1, 2, 3!" The family picture is "taken" - which is actually a screenshot of the video conference call where all the family members are in. 

Watch the full video here: 


Some of us may not be able to physically be with our family or loved ones to hug them but this doesn't mean we love them less. We can still make them feel our care just like how Silka takes care of me through their products that has been in the market for almost 20 years! From soap, lotion, facial cleanser, deodorant, to body wash and pearl cream, Silka has been a trusted Filipino brand made affordable to achieve that kind of care longed for. 

Fun fact: I learned this brand from my Mom! 

As the video goes, "Naiba man ang takbo ng buhay, natural lang na ipadama sa isa't-isa ang alaga nating nandyan para sa kanila. Maalagang pasko mula sa Silka.”

Learn more about Silka: @SilkaSkinCare on Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok