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Colgate X Shopee: Here's Why You Should Start Early with your Kid's Oral Hygiene!

Colgate package! 

Oh, believe me... I learned it the hard way! First time mom with only "theoretical" ideas on motherhood, my instinct was overpowered by my doubts and fears if I was doing things right. 

"Clean your baby's gums even before the teeth have erupted!" - so they say. And so I started wiping my baby's gums with soft cloth doing it very gently. When the first tooth came out, I didn't think I had to clean my son's mouth often as he was just taking in mostly breastmilk -- but I was wrong! Months later, succeeding baby teeth were appearing. I used a baby brush but when I encountered bleeding while brushing his teeth, I got scared and thought I might be overdoing it. Little did I know that those bleeding were already signs of accumulated dirt in my son's gums, eventually causing tooth decay -- this was based on the Pedia-Dentist I consulted. 

It was too late to have my son's teeth corrected. They got brittle, broken, and some were easily chipped off. This caused further issues like swollen gums, infection, and toothache. My poor little boy.. all because of Mommy's lack of knowledge. 

Swollen gums 

Thank you, Tooth Fairy, for second chances! My son's permanent teeth are coming out and this time, I make sure that they will be really taken care of. It will take time, though, as only a few permanent ones have come out and still a lot of damaged primary teeth in place. But I'm doing my best to prevent further damage on my son's teeth. 

So if you don't want your child to suffer as what happened to my son, take note of these important things: 


You don't expect a baby using an adult toothbrush and toothpaste. Normal toothbrush would be too harsh while adult toothpaste would not be safe for your baby as he/she might swallow it. 

Here are some products from Colgate designed for your child's age so you can start great oral care habit at the early stage. They are all available at COLGATE Official Store in SHOPEE

Colgate Baby Toothbrush

Colgate Baby Toothbrush 0-12months 

Initially, a soft cloth can be used for cleaning your baby's mouth. But when your baby is already teething, this Colgate Baby Toothbrush is good and safe to use. Soft, gentle, and flexible, this can help ease the teething pain of your little one. Mommies don't have to worry as it is BPA-free and made from 100% food-grade silicone. It's design is also helpful in introducing the brushing experience. 

Colgate Kids Free From 0-2 Years Toothpaste

Colgate Baby Toothpaste 0-2 years 

Upon the appearance of the first tooth, you may start using Colgate Baby Toothpaste. It is fluoride-free making it safe in case swallowed. This specially-designed toothpaste has natural flavor (0% artificial flavors, preservatives, sweeteners, and colors) and will gently clean your baby's mouth, teeth, and gums. 

Colgate Kids Free From 3-5 Years Toothpaste

Colgate Kids Toothpaste 3-5 years

Now as your baby becomes a toddler, his/her set of primary teeth are forming and would need more protection against cavities. Colgate Kids Toothpaste provides the right amount of fluoride level appropriate for kids 3-5 years old. As this age, kids have already developed the reflex to spit so a toothpaste with fluoride can be used. The fluoride content is also helpful to strengthen the soft enamel of the teeth to make them more resistant to plaque-causing bacteria. 


You have the right toothbrush, the appropriate toothpaste. But if you do not practice regular cleaning of your baby's mouth (like in my case), then it won't be a success. And as your child grows, this habit must be observed so that proper oral hygiene will be instilled to your kid. 

Brush teeth twice a day with your child. Make it a parent-child bonding. For kids 5 years and below, the parent should do the brushing to ensure proper cleaning. For toddlers, you may show them how you brush your teeth and let them imitate you. In that way, they get a sense of independence and they'll enjoy the activity more. 

previous photo of me and my son brushing together

Visit to Dentist is also very important even at early age. Not only kids get used to the idea of dental checkups, but this is also a key in forming the foundation to brighter smile that will last a long time!

Let's grow up smiling together!

I highly encourage Mommies, Daddies to practice great oral care with your child at the early stage, even before the first tooth comes out. Be there in each of your child's SMILESTONES. Let's grow up smiling together!


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