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Sangkap Filipino Restaurant: Cebu Lechon Sinigang, Pastel na Manok, and more!

Sangkap by Chef Raymar Reyes 

You need not travel far to taste the specialties from different regions in our country. Here at Sangkap Filipino Restaurant, Chef Raymar Reyes utilized his techniques and placed his own flavors to the famous Filipino dishes without losing their essence and maintaining an affordable price
Filipino casual dining 

The branch at Portico, Pasig presents a casual dining experience, very Filipino with its colorful chalk art showing traditional street games such as holen, trumpo, sipa, sungka, etc. A feast to the eyes and to the tummy, dishes here are mostly for sharing great for family and friends.
menu colorful chalk art 

Starting May 01, 2018, Sangkap is going to release new dishes that will surely be diners' new favorites! But don't worry as the all-time best sellers will still be there.
old and new favorites 

Batanes Ivatan Kilawin (305Php)
Batanes Ivatan Kilawin 

Batanes Ivatan Kilawin is a popular dish here at Sangkap. I expected it to be sour but there's also spice due to chili and pepper, and hints of sweetness due to coconut milk. You can taste the freshness of tanigue, shrimps, and squid, which is important for a kilawin. 
Batanes Ivatan Kilawin Cebu Lechon Sinigang 

Cebu Lechon Sinigang (regular - 370Php)
Cebu Lechon Sinigang 

Cebu Lechon Sinigang is another famous dish, and why not? Crunchy and tasty Cebu lechon in a unique kind of sinigang as it uses mango broth. You don't find the fluttering sour broth usually achieved with the use of tamarind sinigang mixes. This version has tamed sourness.

PROMO ALERT!! Have Cebu Lechon Sinigang All You Can for just Php350! This includes unlimited rice and bottomless iced tea. Available in all Sangkap branches until APR 30, 2018 only!

Embotido Tortang Talong (regular - 370Php)
Meatloaf rolled roasted eggplant, basil pesto topped with aioli (garlic mayo) 
Embotido Tortang Talong 

The best tortang talong I've ever had! And I meant, you'll never see tortang talong the same way again after tasting this Embotido Tortang Talong from Sangkap. Maybe because I love the pesto sauce, the loaded rolled eggplant, and the aioli is a great addition to highlight the overall flavor.
Embotido Tortang Talong Stuffed Inihaw na Pusit 

Stuffed Inihaw na Pusit (485Php)
Stuffed grilled squid with salted egg and caramel soy
Stuffed Inihaw na Pusit 

What made this Stuffed Inihaw na Pusit different is that it has salted egg, aside from the usual onion and tomato filling. So either you'll like it or loathe it. Well, for me, it worked, plus the caramel soy gives a sweet hint that enhances the grilled smoky taste.

Pastel na Manok (regular - 330Php)
Chicken pastel, spam and garlic sausage
Pastel na Manok 

Oh, my instant favorite -- Pastel na Manok! There's something about this creamy sauce, or does it have coconut milk or pesto? I forgot to ask. But this is really good! And for sure, kids will enjoy this not only because of its taste but because it has spam and sausage.
Pastel na Manok Lengua at Atay na Bistek 

Lengua at Atay na Bistek (regular - 350Php)
Ox tongue (Beef Steak Tagalog) soy and vinegar served with fried beef liver
Lengua at Atay na Bistek 

The familiar taste of bistek is there -- savory mix of sour and salty. But what made it different is the use of ox tongue and fried beef liver, which gave a flavorful twist to this well-known Filipino dish.

Sangkap Salo-Halo (160Php)
Sangkap Salo-Halo 

After a festive lunch, the best dessert on this hot season is something sweet and cold, such as this Sangkap Salo-Halo! I may not have presented it well in the photo but this is a huge bowl which can be shared by 6-8 persons. It's yummy, not too sweet, well-filled with ingredients, and already comes with vanilla ice cream. I love the addition of cheese!

So to recap, here are the reasons why you should visit any of the 3 branches of Sangkap Filipino Restaurant (Portico Alveo Pasig, Vertis North QC, and Vista Mall Taguig):

  1. Cebu Lechon Sinigang All You Can for Php350 inclusive of unlimited rice and iced tea until APR 30, 2018 only 
  2. New dishes, new favorites starting MAY 01, 2018
  3. Beat the heat with giant halo-halo for just Php160
  4. Get 10% DISCOUNT on your total bill when you inform the staff of my promo code: BloggerJessaAcosta

Sangkap by Chef Raymar Reyes
Portico by Alveo, Captain Javier Street, Oranbo, Pasig City
Sangkap Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Disclaimer: I was invited as a blogger to feature this restaurant. I did not pay anything. Pictures with my watermark are mine.