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Ariel: Meet the #JuanWash Ambassadors who Push for Gender Equality!

Ariel Men #JuanWash Bash 

For years, doing household chores, especially laundry, has always been tagged as women's task. Though realistically speaking, we now live in a society where women no longer solely depend on men to work or for financial support. Women nowadays earn for themselves or for their families whether working in a corporate world, or having their own business while staying at home. The same way that house work should no longer be a sole responsibility of women.
Getting ready to welcome the New Laundry Experts! 

As a woman and a mom, I am happy and excited with Ariel's latest campaign -- Ariel #JuanWash. This campaign aims to encourage men to do their share of laundry, one wash at a time. It's not to "transfer" the task to men, but more of to share the work, to show support to their wives, and to create an environment for their children where both men and women have equal roles when it comes to household tasks.

Doing their part are these celebrity #JuanWash ambassadors who are proud to support their wives and/or families, and to make a call to their fellow men to support the cause. 

John Prats (Juan Washer on the Move)
Ang totoong macho ay tumutulong sa gawaing bahay. Tulungan ang asawa para happy and sweet palagi. Happy wife equals happy life!
John Prats (Juan Washer on the Move) 

Sam Ajdani (Juan Washer of the World)
An Ariel Man should always do his best to help his woman. This is a sign of respect and help us break the mentality that laundry is supposed to be done only by women.  
Sam Ajdani (Juan Washer of the World) 

Anton del Rosario (Juan Washer on the Field)
A man who cares about taking care of his clothes, making sure he wants to stay looking good and clean all the time. 
Anton del Rosario (Juan Washer on the Field) 

Marco Alcaraz (Juan Washer in Action) 
To all men, let's put our muscles to work and show them that the New Man doesn't shy away from housework.  
Marco Alcaraz (Juan Washer in Action) 

Ali Khatibi (The Tough Juan Washer)
Breaking the stereotype that household chores or laundry is only done by women.
Ali Khatibi (The Tough Juan Washer) 

James Deakin (Juan Washer on Wheels)
We live in a very modern world, and we need to shatter stereotypes if we want to keep progressing. 
James Deakin (Juan Washer on Wheels) 

Kean Cipriano (The Singing Juan Washer)
Now that I am a father and husband, I feel proud when I am able to help my wife at home. Laundry is one of them.
Kean Cipriano (The Singing Juan Washer) 

JC Intal (Juan Wash MVP)
The New Ariel Man is more confident and more responsible in raising his family. 
JC Intal (Juan Wash MVP) 

stains from their own line of work 

Part of the #JuanWash campaign is also to dedicate Fridays as #JuanWash days. In partnership with Eat Bulaga, Ariel goes to different barangays in Metro Manila every Friday to search for Juan Washers. It showcased the valuable role of gender equality both within the family and the community. In just one month, Ariel Men all over the Philippines were able to collect 10,000 laundry hours! This represents the number of hours freed up in the lives of their women.
Get ready to wash! 

With Ariel Power Gel, stain removal has been made easy. Its new optimized formulation with a higher level of active ingredients allows to remove 100 stains in just 1 wash. So whatever hard-to-remove stain these men have acquired, Ariel Power Gel takes on the job. So men, laundry washing has been made easier with Ariel. The more reasons to share the task with your wife.
New Laundry Experts! Ariel Men #JuanWash 

Ariel shows that it's more than just stain removal or laundry detergent. Stain removal knows no gender, and so should our view when it comes to household work. The #JuanWash campaign supports P&G's #WeSeeEqual global advocacy, and forms part of Ariel Philippines' #AhonPinay movement which continues to push the boundaries on gender equality and women empowerment.
Stain removal knows no gender 

Go ahead, spread the word about this wonderful initiative from Ariel. As a way to thank the modern men, Ariel is offering a unique promotion for men who would be availing of select services from various Metropole Laundromat branches. Every time men commit to the cause in this way, they'll earn points for freebies granted by Ariel and Metropole as a gift to the efforts shared in supporting #JuanWash Fridays.
Empowering Women adn Gender Equality with Arien #AhonPinay 


Disclaimer: I was invited as a blogger to feature this event and campaign. I did not pay anything. Pictures with my watermarks are mine.