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Nanbantei Yakitori Bar: Butabara, Beef Yakiniku, and more!

Nanbantei Yakitori Bar 

It was in August 2016 during the Nanbantei of Tokyo Alabang media launch when Luigi Vera of Nanbantei revealed the plan to come up with an izakaya-type of restaurant in Makati. Four months later, here we are with Nanbantei Yakitori Bar.
grilling using binchotan charcoal

The main difference between Nanbantei of Tokyo and Nanbantei Yakitori Bar is the grilling process. The former makes use of electric grill to cater to fast moving and greater number of guests, while the former makes use of binchotan charcoal, traditional charcoal of Japan used for yakitori.
same vibe as other Nanbantei branches

Since they use charcoal grill, which takes longer time to cook with than electric, they designed the place to be relatively smaller than the other Nanbantei branches -- fewer guests to make it manageable. But the overall vibe of modern Japanese ambiance is still there. I particularly love the seats around the grilling area. I can just imagine how I salivate on the smoky aroma and have my meal served hot off the grill.
relatively smaller than other Nanbantei branchesgrilling area

Another noticeable difference is the menu. Unlike in Nanbantei of Tokyo which has an array of skewer choices, Nanbantei Yakitori Bar has a carefully chosen set of dishes -- mainly, the best sellers.  Below are some of the selections you can have here at Nanbantei Yakitori Bar.

Butabara (2 sticks per order - 100Php)
Grilled pork belly

When it comes to grilled pork, Butabara is recommended. Really tender, juicy, though a bit salty. This is the first grilled dish I tried here and I really noticed the difference of charcoal grilling. There's depth and smokiness, even in aroma!

Beef Yakiniku (2 sticks per order - 180Php)
Thinly sliced beef with Yakiniku sauce
Beef Yakiniku

Beef Yakiniku is my favorite among all the dishes served to us. The flavorful sweet sauce seeps into the tender meat and it was just pure goodness!

Momo (2 sticks per order - 100Php)
Grilled chicken thigh

If it's yakitori (grilled chicken) that you long for, Momo is probably the most basic you can have, yet it still managed to be so succulent, tender, and good! The way it was cooked elevates the natural chicken savor.

Shiitake Maki (2 sticks per order - 260Php)
Shiitake mushroom wrapped with beef
Shiitake Maki

Shiitake Maki, a combination of mushroom and beef, is also a good choice. I'm not into mushrooms but I find it flavorful, plus the beefy taste is evident.

Tebasaki (2 sticks per order - 120Php)
Chicken wings

Tebasaki is a usual favorite simply because wings are tastier compared to other parts. This is also true for yakitori and I even like this more (than the one I had in my last Nanbantei of Tokyo visit) as these are softer and juicier.

Yaki Ika (2 sticks per order - 125Php)
Grilled baby squid
Yaki Ika

For seafood, you may choose among fish, shrimp, or have this Yaki Ika. My usual complain for squid is it's being tough and rubbery. Don't worry, I didn't encounter it here, plus it tastes fresh and well-infused with smoky taste and aroma.
Aspara Yaki (Php 85)Ebi Kushi Yaki (Php 110)

Tori Karaage (220Php)
Breaded chicken with ponzu sauce
Tori Karaage

The grilled selections are awesome but it's also good to have non-grilled items while you dine. Part of the special items is this Tori Karaage. With its thin yet crunchy breading, it's perfect to munch while waiting for the skewers.

There are also a few sushi, sashimi, and side orders like yaki meshi and onigiri available. It's really good that they still consider them in the menu rather than just focus on yakiniku alone. These keep the people from being sated with anything grilled.
Ebi Nigiri (Php 75)Spicy Tuna Maki (Php 210)

Kani Salad (Php 195)Ebi Tempura (Php 385)

Coffee Jelly (120Php)
Coffee Jelly

Last but not the least, of course, the dessert! In my last Nanbantei of Tokyo visit, Coffee Jelly was the crowd's favorite and so I had it this time. And true enough, it's good. The coffee jelly has slightly strong yet a bit sweet flavor, while the creamy and delicious vanilla ice cream complements them very well.

I wasn't so happy with the Green Tea Ice Cream I had before but the Avocado and the Black Sesame Ice Creams are to crave for! Very true to taste, not sweetened too much nor made too milky -- just on-point flavor.
Avocado Ice Cream (Php 100)Black Sesame Ice Cream (Php 100)

After a long day at work, whether you're alone or with friends, Nanbantei Yakitori Bar is a good place to chill in, have some drinks, and enjoy the smoky goodness of grilled meat.

Nanbantei Yakitori Bar
109 Carlos Palanca Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City
Nanbantei Yakitori Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Disclaimer: I was invited by Zomato to feature this restaurant. I did not pay anything. Pictures with my watermark are mine.