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Valero Eat Street III: Holidaze!

Valero Eat Street III: Holidaze 

Valero Eat Street held its third leg last December 6, 2016 at Signa Designer Residences, Valero corner Rufino Street, Makati City.

This one-day event, with a theme Holidaze, was made possible by Ampersand Collective, The Fat Kid Inside, Mothership F&B, and Robinsons Residences with sponsors McCormick Phils. and Globe Broadband and media partners, Fork Spoon Manila, ABS-CBN Lifestyle, Marketa, What To Eat Ph,, What’s To Love Ph, and Zomato.
Eat Street at Signa Designer Residences

I am happy to be part of this festive food event as all the merchants have prepared delectable offerings. Just wandering around the area was a feast for the eyes! And then I started grabbing some food...
Festive Food Market 

Bao.mnl: Golden Chick'n Bao
Facebook: Bao.mnl | Instagram: @bao.mnl
Golden Chick 'n Bao 

Just the mere sight of this Golden Chick'n Bao whets my appetite. Soft steamed bun is complemented by crunchy chicken, add to that some freshness from shredded cabbage. Salted egg in dishes has been a make or break for me so far. But for this bao, it's a thumbs up! There's sweetness but also a hint of spice. Overall, it is an unfamiliar flavor but worked really well. A twist to your usual bao.
Bao.mnl boothanatomy of Golden Chick'n Bao

EarthQuake Chicken & Shakes: Chicken
Facebook: EarthQuake Cafe | Instagram: @earthquake_cafe
Earthquake Chicken 

When asked why it's called EarthQuake Chicken, they said it's because your world will be shaken by its goodness! Of course, I didn't believe right away since it doesn't look anything special. But then I took a bite -- it's a simple chicken with soy sauce, calamansi, and chili sauce, but it is indeed flavorful and good! The chicken came all the way from Naga, and I think it was cooked perfectly. I had to use my hands to enjoy it fully.
Earthquake Chicken & Shakes 

Eggcetera, Omelette, and Etc.: Salmon Eggs Benedict
Facebook: Eggcetera, Omelette, and Etc. | Instagram: @eggceteraph
Salmon Eggs Benedict 

Another very enticing dish is this Salmon Eggs Benedict. Having this every morning makes breakfast really special. Yet, Eggcetera makes omelette and eggs benedict available all day. I saw how my eggs benedict was carefully done and made special with the sauce toppings and sprinkles. Salmon wasn't so noticeable in terms of taste, and the bun at the bottom can be softer. It can be messy to eat once the egg is poked but the flowing eggyolk is just beautiful!
Eggcetera booth

Pepi Cubano: Pepi Cubano
Facebook: PEPI Cubano Sandwich | Instagram: @pepicubano
Pepi Cubano 

Pepi Cubano is a thin sandwich with crispy glazed bread, marinated pork, ham, cheese, and mustard. It's a different kind of sandwich -- feels lighter and you can taste the fillings more. I love its cheese though I wish it was evenly scattered.
Pepi Cubano booth 

Pizza Morena: Pizza Morena
Facebook: Pizza Morena | Instagram: @pizzamorena
Pizza Morena 

Pizza Morena looks very simple, you won't even recognize the toppings. Dough is not so thin yet soft. Toppings may not look sufficient but they are. Light flavors with a hint of sweetness.
Pizza Morena booth 

Wea's Kitchen Creations: Red Velvet
Facebook: Wea's Kitchen | Instagram: @weaskitchen
Red Velvet Mini Cupcake 

I was supposed to get samples from Raneese PB Cups only to realize later on that what I got was from Wea's Kitchen. Can't blame myself as their booths were on the same table and they both offer pastries. Wea's Kitchen was generous enough to give me a cute mini cupcake in Red Velvet even though they're not in the list of merchants to provide samples. I had it literally in one bite. Great for sweet tooth but you might long for more.
Mini Cupcakes Wea's Kitchen booth 

St. Hale: Torched Cookie Sandwich
Facebook: St. Hale | Instagram: @sthalecookies
Torched Cookie Sandwich 

Another mouthwatering piece is this Torched Cookie Sandwich. Chewy cookies with chocolate bits, melted chocolate and torched thick mallow in between, finished with sea salt topping. Ahh... this is oozingly good! The chocolate is more of a milk chocolate, not too bitter, not too rich, but perfect for this cookie sandwich. Sea salt balanced out the sweetness before you realize it. A bit messy to eat, though, but that's the way to enjoy it!
St. Hale booth torching the mallow

Type A: S'Mocha
Facebook: Type A | Instagram: @_type.a

I used to be a coffee-lover -- way before the GERD, reflux, and palpitations. But I was really intrigued with Type A's coffee selections so I gave it a try. Since I'm into sweet coffee, the suggestion was for me to try S'Mocha. It consists of chocolate sauce, fresh milk, torched marshmallow, crushed graham, and of course, their cold brew coffee. I added a bit more syrup since I'm no longer used to strong coffee taste. But man, this made me fall in love with coffee again!
Xmas CarrierType A booth 

McCormick Phils.: Cooking Demonstration
Facebook: McCormick Friends and Flavor Club | Instagram: @mccormickphils
Chef cooking Palabok

I was just in time to witness the cooking demonstration at the McCormick Phils booth. What's cooking? Pancit Palabok using McCormick's Noodle and Seasoning Mix.
quick and easy Palabok with McCormick Noodle and Seasoning Mix

Chef made it look so easy to cook palabok for everyone. Though, I think it is really that easy as the packet already contains the noodles and the seasonings. The Palabok itself doesn't taste like "instant" though the convenience and the time of cooking are almost the same. Hooray for some freebies from McCormick!
McCormick freebies

I wasn't able to visit every booth but all of the products, at least that I've seen, are interesting and worth-buying. The merchants seemed to be well-picked and the offerings vary from one booth to another. This is a great event which I'll look forward again.

Congratulations to the organizers and merchants!

Valero Eat Street
Valero Street corner Rufino Street (Valero Access Road 4), Makati City

Disclaimer: I was invited as a blogger to feature this event. I did not pay anything. Pictures with my watermark are mine.