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Terry's Bistro: Fresh Oysters, Callos a La Andaluza, and more!

Terry's Bistro

Why, oh why didn't I ever think that there is a restaurant at Terry's Selection? My workplace is in McKinley Hill and we have this plan of trying out each restaurant in Tuscany. But for some reasons, we have skipped Terry's Selection thinking it's just a store. So do not make the same mistake! Terry's Bistro is on the second floor of Terry's Selection. Thank goodness for Zomato Foodie Meetup that I still get to know about Terry's Bistro.

The place is intimate and has that fine dining vibe. If you're looking for some good wine, this is also a good place to go to. All the dishes served were carefully plated. And just by the looks of it, I know we'd be having real great food.

Suspiros de Santona (5pcs - 410Php)
Slices of farm-fresh tomatoes, dressed with Spanish balsamic vinaigrette, topped with tuna belly flakes, and homemade anchovy mayonnaise 
Suspiros de Santona

To tickle our appetite, we were each served an amuse bouche -- Suspiros de Santona. This is a miniature of the actual serving size. It is simple, it is fresh, has a little spice -- all in one smack.

After the amuse bouche, I know we're ready for more. We were asked to choose an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert, though I still get to try some of the dishes.

Fresh Oysters drizzled with Galician Escabeche (3pcs - 390Php, 6pcs - 550Php)
Crowned with the original Galician fresh garlic, organic spices, and Sherry vinegar marinade
Fresh Oysters drizzled with Galician Escabeche

I had the Fresh Oysters drizzled with Galician Escabeche, and mind you, this is recommended! In a world where baked oysters with cheese and garlic is too mainstream, this version will give you that break. In our province, we traditionally enjoyed freshly-harvested oysters by opening the shell, picking the fresh juicy meat, and dipping into the vinegar. This is exactly what this dish reminded me -- the ocean goodness!

The King's Ransom Stilton Salad (Single - 300Php, Good for 2 - 450Php)
Grilled shrimps, English farmhouse Stilton cheese, Rioja smoked pancetta, pomelo, organic greens and nuts, harmonized to perfection with Stilton Balsamic Vinaigrette
The King's Ransom Stilton Salad 

The King's Ransom Stilton Salad gave me a classic and elegant impression of a salad. The ingredients are well-chosen to complement each other in terms of taste and texture, except for the Stilton cheese that really stood out and brought the salad a notch higher.

Croquettas de Cocido (6pcs - 320Php)
Cocido meats are the players of this delightful bechamel creation
Croquettas de Cocido

Dinuguan Risotto (Good for two - 520Php)
A Filipino-Spanish risotto made of pork meat and black sausage enriched with Basque chili peppers and a gentle touch of sherry vinegar. A trendy fusion recipe created by JC Terry on the occasion of the first Madrid-Fusion-Manila in April 2015
Dinuguan Risotto

Dinuguan Risotto is obviously a fusion of dinuguan and risotto. As a risotto, it has a light and creamy texture, almost melting in the mouth. Though as dinuguan, I find it too light, and I prefer it to have a bit more sourness.

Callos a La Andaluza (395Php)
Unique ox tripe stew enriched with Chorizo Terry, chickpeas, and Jamon Serrano 
Callos a La Andaluza

Callos a La Andaluza was what I chose as main course. I haven't tried callos before so I do not know what to expect. But this one was really loaded with tender meat, garbanzos, ham, and chorizo  to the point I wasn't able to finish it as it was too filling. The sauce has mild spice yet strong flavor that might require bread or rice to complement it.

The Seafood Curry Symphony (520Php)
A harmonious creations of scallop, shrimp, squid rings, and clams in a light curry cream in a bed of basmati rice 
The Seafood Curry Symphony

I love how this dish was named, The Seafood Curry Symphony, as it truly reflects what it is. It is a mix of different seafood yet one can feel how they were all harmoniously combined. The curry is not spicy at all, so this dish is not for those who are into strong spicy curry type.

Tarta Imperial Rusa (210Php)
The original Russian tart served during imperial banquets. In the Philippines, where almonds and cognac were not available decades ago, this exceptional dessert was adapted into what we popularly know as Sans Rival
Tarte Imperial Rusa

Tarta Imperial Rusa is for those who are looking for nutty, sugary, and sweet. It's the sugar rush!

Marquesa de Chocolate (210Php)
Sprinkled with almond praline, this chocolate marquise is another delicious variation on a decadent theme. Pure bliss!
Marquesa de Chocolate

There is always a dessert for chocolate lovers and this time, it's the Marquesa de Chocolate. It has a soft texture well-complemented by the almond praline toppings. It also has a deep chocolate flavor that sinks-in in every bite! Yum!

Flan de la Abuela (125Php)
Another unique from JC's mother's collection
Flan de la Abuela

I chose the Flan de la Abuela as my dessert just because Allen had the Marquesa de Chocolate and I already had sans rival the day before. I initially thought it was "just another leche flan". But when I had the first bite, I was in awe!! That I immediately declared: "this is the best leche flan I've tried so far!". Silky soft and just melting in my mouth, right amount of sweetness. It was just divine! And what was so amazing about this dessert is it's simplicity -- only 3 ingredients: condensed milk, fresh milk, and egg yolks. The magic may have lied on the amount of the ingredients and the manner of cooking. The outer imperfections just shows how delicate this little wonder is.

It was a perfect lunch that I cannot think of anything negative about the dishes served. What made it more meaningful was learning about the origins and stories behind each dish as we were privileged to meet the chef and owner, Juan Carlos de Terry. I admire his passion in his work and his loyalty to the recipes and ingredients; how each of the dishes was carefully thought to bring out harmony in overall flavor.

Terry's Bistro
Tuscany, Upper McKinley Road, McKinley Hill, Taguig City
+632 246 9069 ext:464

Disclaimer: I was invited as a blogger to feature this restaurant. I did not pay anything. Pictures with my watermark are mine.