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Neul Bolm Korean Restaurant: Cha Dul Begi, Dolsot Bibimbap, and Jabchea

I was a lot younger then. It was probably more than 5 years ago. A lot of things I do not know and I haven't tried. But I can still remember when my friend introduced it to me. He taught me the proper way to enjoy it. And it was a lot fun with friends. It was my first time... my first time to try Korean food. And yes, it was at Neul Bolm Korean Restaurant. It was in Tagaytay.

Fast forward to 2015 when I went back to Neul Bolm, this time, with my family. I didn't realize right away that it was the same restaurant where I tasted Korean dishes for the first time. That since then, I've been in loved with Korean food. It just happened it was the nearest Korean resto to Taal Vista and so we decided to have lunch there. Back then, my friend just spent around Php 500 for Samgyupsal and Bibimbap, and it was already enough for four people. I guess their prices didn't change that much.

Cha Dul Begi (380 Php)
Part of beef silicates
Cha Dul Begi

I was actually thinking of samgyupsal but this one has a more enticing picture in the menu so we went for Cha Dul Begi. These are thin slices of marinated beef grilled on our table. Best to eat after grilling as the meat tend to get tougher. I guess samgyupsal would have been a better choice then. I also noticed there were less side dishes than the first time I went here.

Lettuce and side dishes

Dolsot Bibimbap (280 Php)
Rice in stone pot with vegetables
Dolsot Bibimbap

I love their Dolsot Bibimbap and it was good to be shared by two people (for our case, three). It was on the spicy side but it was the kind of spice that I would want another spoonful! I love how all the ingredients -- egg, vegetables, rice, and whatever that Korean sauce is -- and flavors mix well together, literally.

Jabchea (280 Php)
Sweet noodles with assorted vegetables

Although the Cha Dul Begi and Bibimbap seemed to be enough for us, I craved for Jabchea the moment I saw it on the menu. I was surprised to see that it was of big serving, can be shared by 3 to 4 people, and was loaded with ingredients too. I am not sure if it was really how it is, but I find the noodles a bit soggy or maybe slimy. I would prefer it sweeter also. But this is what Rhyme enjoyed the most among our orders.


We had Korean ice cream for dessert. No pictures though. Mine was like ice cream sandwich, which both Rhyme and I enjoyed.

It was nice to be back in this place after some years, with not much have changed. I know I'll get to visit this place again someday.

Neul Bolm Korean Restaurant
Aguinaldo Highway Corner Ipil Street, Tagaytay City
+63916 676 2000

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Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. I paid for my own meal.