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Super Duck Modern Tea: Teas, Quackers, and Herbal Jelly Dessert

Super Duck Modern Tea

Super Duck Modern Tea Shop in Ortigas Center, Pasig City is a direct franchise from Taiwan. This is why most of the ingredients in their tea drinks came all the way from Taiwan. Their tea is of their own brand -- Super Duck.

Super Duck ambiance

Last July 2013, Super Duck celebrated its first anniversary. And with this celebration, I get to try a lot (and I would really say a lot!!) of their tea specialties and snacks (Quakers). With over a hundred selections, my snippets below would just be a preview. Most are available in hot or cold. Here's a list of their best sellers to, somehow, refine your choices.

Super Duck best sellers

I guess it would be best to start with Super Duck's base teas because eventually, all the other tea flavors would just be a variation of these teas.

Super Duck Tea (M - 60Php; L - 70Php)
Ceylon Black Tea
100% sugar level is recommended due to its kick of tea bitterness
Jasmine Green Tea
scent of sampaguita; it was like drinking flower extract literally
Tie Guan Yin Tea
roasted oolong; slightly earthy
Wenshan Clear Tea
smooth and light... my cup of tea!
Green Heart Oolong Tea
there's mild sweetness and mild bitterness

Super Duck also offers Healthy Tea Bags. Usual favorites are Peppermint Tea, Golden Oolong Tea, and Japanese Green Tea.

Here are some of the Tea Blends and Milk Teas. Please note that the serving size offered to us was for tasting purposes only, else, we'll be bloated with the numerous drinks!

Classic Milk Tea with Pearl 85Php/95Php
creamy and has the right amount of tea-ness
Wenshan Clear Milk Tea with Coffee Jelly
the milkiest as wenshan tea is very light
Tie Guan Yin Milk Tea with Coco Jelly
coco jelly was the highlight
Mango Milk Smoothie 90Php/110Php
refreshing; mango-sago like
Oolong 3 Jelly
if you can't get enough of sinkers

Peach Green Tea 100Php/120Php
so peachy and sweet!
Orange Grape Fruit with Perilla Seeds
citrusy; loved the texture of perilla seeds
Strawberry Yakult 85Php/95Php
literally tasted like strawberry-flavored yakult

Heineken Green Tea 125Php/140Php
who says beer and tea won't mix?

Chocolate Nai Kai 110Php
foamy and creamy; a treat to chocolate lovers!

To salivate your taste buds, here are some more pictures. 

French Rose Milk Latte 90Php/100Php
sophisticated; tasted like crushed 
rose petals drenched in fresh milk
Roselle Plum with Fig Jelly 80Php/85Php
plum or raisin-like flavor
Rose Petal Juice with Lemon 70Php/80Php
tasted like lychee with overpowering lemon flavor
Mixed Fruit Green Tea 100Php/120Php
fruity and refreshing

Even though Super Duck offers over a hundred of tea varieties, they still managed to create snacks perfect to pair their tea drinks with. Quackers is Super Duck's line of veggy snacks

Super Duck V-NuggetsSuper Duck V-Fish N Fries

V-Nugget (85Php)
These V-Nuggets are crunchy even with its thin breading, and flavorful with its plum and pepper flavor. The best thing, you won't feel there's a difference between your normal nuggets and this veggy snack.

V-Fish N Fries (65Php)
V-Fish tasted like real cod fish that you can be deceived you're eating an all-veggy product. Fries were made of Belgian potato and the flavoring was good!

Tofu Bites (60Php)
For Tofu Bites, you can be sure of what you're eating. It's your usual tofu with its bouncy texture, minus the sourness, and then filled with flavor such as salt and pepper or basil and pepper

Super Duck Tofu Bites Basil and PepperSuper Duck Tofu Bites Salt and Pepper

My favorite among the Quackers is, surprisingly, the Shrooms! I have never been a fan of mushrooms, except for this case. Shrooms are oyster mushrooms seasoned and then deep fried. The result is a potato chips-like snack. But more than that, I find it addicting as even though I have taken a lot of tea drinks and snacks, I kept on getting a piece of shroom. 

Super Duck Shrooms 65Php

Taiwan Herbal Jelly Dessert (100Php)
Super Duck Taiwan Herbal Jelly Dessert 100Php

Last but not the least was the Taiwan Herbal Jelly Dessert. If halo-halo can be served as hot (ginataang halo-halo) or cold, this dessert is similar in that sense too. Enjoy it hot or cold with its overloaded ingredients. A tub can already be shared by 3-4 persons so take it easy when ordering this for your own. 

That experience at Super Duck was really fun and tummy-filled. It was good to learn about different varieties of teas, that not all teas are the same. With the emergence of different milk tea brands, Super Duck can only brag that they're not just a place for milk teas, they offer modern teas

Super Duck Modern Tea Shop
Unit 111 A and B, AIC BURGUNDY Empire Tower, Garnet st. corner ADB avenue, Ortigas, Pasig
+632 570 2292