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Gloria Maris: Abalone Sashimi, Prawns and Pop Rice with Strawberry Sauce, and more

Gloria Maris Sharks Fin Restaurant

The first thing that you should know about Gloria Maris is that the one in Greenhills is different from all the other Gloria Maris that you can find. Yes, same name, same logo, but different food quality and overall ambiance.

Gloria Maris ambianceGloria Maris reserved area

The one that I was got invited to (c/o Allen, of course), luckily, was the Gloria Maris located in Greenhills. From the outside, I was amazed on how huge it is. When I got inside, whoah, jaw-drop. They have fine dining, dimsum, and hotpot sections. It was a huge area yet almost occupied by customers. The reserved area is a different story. Less people but very spacious. There were these amazing shimmering chandeliers and a grand staircase. Felt like a princess going down that stairs.

Gloria Maris VIP room

There were also a number of VIP rooms. The one that we got in was actually a combination of 4 rooms and can fit around 10 people. This is where the feast started. "House" water was mineral water, champagne was offered, and food were served to individuals by a waiter.

Abalone Sashimi

Gloria Maris Abalone Sashimi

I have seen and even got a hold of a live abalone way back in Guimaras. Locals said that they are pretty expensive and aphrodisiac. Now, I got to taste it.

The boat-like tray and the dry ice effect made it appear to be sailing on our table, with the citrus aroma inviting us to take a dive on the first dish of the day. Abalone Sashimi, firm in texture, was best with the wasabi sauce.

Gloria Maris Abalone Sashimi serving

Prawns and Pop Rice with Strawberry Sauce

Gloria Maris Prawns and Pop Rice with Strawberry Sauce

Prawns and Pop Rice with Strawberry Sauce was one of my favorites among the served dishes. It is simply a thinly breaded prawn fried and placed on top of a square pop rice, then drizzled with sweet-sour strawberry sauce and tidbits. Flavor, texture, and crunch in one.

Gloria Maris Prawns and Pop Rice with Strawberry Sauce serving

Chiu Chow Cold Cuts

Gloria Maris Chiu Chow Cold Cuts

Chiu Chow Cold Cuts is definitely a twist to the usual cold cuts platter. Duck meat slices, pork lechon, bacon roll, fried mushroom, and California maki were somewhat disconnected but offered an interesting mix up. Highlight would fall on the thin yet really crunchy lechon skin creating a complement on the soft meat. The fried mushroom also gained my curiosity as though the mushroom flavor wasn't so apparent, it being fried and seasoned with salt tasted like potato chips which I enjoyed.

Gloria Maris Chiu Chow Cold Cuts serving

2 Tone Almond Seafood Pumpkin Soup

Gloria Maris 2 Tone Almond Seafood Pumpkin Soup

The 2 Tone Almond Seafood Pumpkin Soup served as the pause from strong flavors and to get ready for more. It was filled with shrimp and crab tidbits, pumpkin soup in somewhat powdery texture, yet maintained a balanced taste -- Yin-Yang.

Gloria Maris 2 Tone Almond Seafood Pumpkin Soup serving

Scallop and Shell Meat with French Beans and Radish

Gloria Maris Scallop and Shell Meat with French Beans and Radish

O-ow... vegetables, which I am not a fan. But the good thing about this Scallop and Shell Meat dish is that I can ignore the French beans yet still enjoy food. I really enjoyed the special sauce used, and I appreciate that they used radish cake cubes instead of radish slices. Else, this will all be about scallop and shell meat for me.

Gloria Maris Scallop and Shell Meat with French Beans and Radish serving

Pecking Chicken Salad

Gloria Maris Peking Chicken Salad

The chicken alone in this Peking Chicken Salad made me love this dish. It was a tasty chicken with crispy skin. The fruits on the side were refreshing and helped in cleansing the palate.

Gloria Maris Peking Chicken Salad serving

Steamed Lapu-lapu Fillet with Egg White

Gloria Maris Steamed Lapu-lapu Fillet with Egg White

Lapu-lapu Fillet with Egg White was something that didn't jive my taste buds as much as the other dishes. The fish was good but the egg white and its pudding-like texture wasn't a hit for me. 

Fried Crab with Salted Egg

Gloria Maris Fried Crab with Salted Egg

Fried Crab with Salted Egg was the choice of many, including me, with its crushed salted egg covering that really went well with the crab. We sure made extra room for this in our stomach even though it was the last among the main dishes.

Buko Lychee Shake and Four Seasons Shake

Gloria Maris Buko Lychee ShakeGloria Maris Four Seasons Shake

For the drinks, I had Buko Lychee Shake. I've always loved lychee but with the combination of buko, the taste was tamed yet maintained to be refreshing. Four Seasons Shake, on the other hand, had that oomph of fruity goodness

Marshmallow Pastries

Gloria Maris Marshmallow Pastries

The Marshmallow Pastries were so cute in their fluffy tiny rabbit form. I almost felt guilty taking a bite on this marshmallow covered with toasted coconut flakes. The rabbit mallow was placed on top of a tart-like pastry  wherein inside was a round sticky sweet filling.

Gloria Maris Marshmallow Pastries serving

Jumbo Buchi

Gloria Maris Jumbo Buchi

As its name says, Jumbo Buchi, these are huge buchis yet don't expect anything inside. They're just hollow and are like ampaos, if you're familiar with that. 

Gloria Maris Jumbo Buchi serving


Gloria Maris Taho

I missed Taho and this did not disappoint in any way. The soya was just like melting on my mouth paired with that awesome syrup sweetness, and of course, the mini sago. 

Gloria Maris Taho serving

It was a feast for the eyes, taste buds, and stomach, and was a terrific lunch at Gloria Maris. Food prices were not shared to us so I cannot really say if they're worth your pocket. But the good news is, they are offering 30% off on your food bill for a minimum spend of 1,000Php for cash or card transactions as they celebrate their 1st Anniversary. This is valid Mondays to Fridays starting June 03 until July 19 31, 2013. For reservations or inquiries, you may call the numbers posted at the bottom of this post. 

Before we left the place, we walked by their wide function hall which was already set up for a wedding event. There maybe around 100 tables and can accommodate a thousand guests. I particularly loved the colorful and lively flowers and the set up with bird cages and Tiffany chairs.

Gloria Maris Wedding - table setupGloria Maris Wedding - ~100 tables

Gloria Maris Wedding - tiffany chairsGloria Maris Wedding - center

Gloria Maris Shark's Fin Restaurant
Greenhills Shopping Center, Ortigas Avenue, Missouri St. corner Connecticut, San Juan City
+632 570 0921; +632 570 0923; +632 570 0924

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