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The Cake Club by Diamond Hotel: Vanessa

The Cake Club by Diamond Hotel

This is still in line with my "Macaron Series". No, it wasn't planned. Our meetup was a destiny! Allen and I were strolling at Bonifacio High Street for our 25th monthsary, aka Labor Date, when boom -- I saw The Cake Club. This is the dessert place I've been raving about the past few days since I saw in Facebook its burger-sized thick-filled macarons. There were still 3 macaron "cakes" left: 1 Vanessa and 2 Ispahan. I was eyeing for Vanessa but we still have to eat dinner before having the dessert. So we left the place, had dinner at Sutra Restaurant and Bar, then went back to The Cake Club and saw Vanessa waiting and smiling at me. 

The Cake Club by Diamond Hotel ambiance

The Cake Club has a pretty cool and neat ambiance. It also never loses that hotel atmosphere with their setup, waiters, and menu. The couch are even made comfortable with the mini pillows. The dessert display that can be seen through the glass front walls and door is an instant invitation to forget your diet and enjoy a sweet moment. 

The Cake Club by Diamond Hotel tables and seats

Vanessa (250Php nett)
Our GM's favorite! Made of pistachio macaroons and fresh strawberries
The Cake Club by Diamond Hotel - Vanessa - top
I can never get more excited on our unexpected meetup. Vanessa, finally! And the taste did not disappoint

The Cake Club by Diamond Hotel - Vanessa
A bit more than 3inches in diameter and 2inches in height, pistachio macarons, strawberries and cream -- up til now, I'm still dreaming of having it again. 

Here you can find the anatomy from bottom to top: pistachio macaron, white cream, pistachio cream, sliced caramelized strawberries, strawberry cream, white cream, pistachio macaron, a droplet of cream topped with caramelized strawberry.

The Cake Club by Diamond Hotel - Vanessa - anatomy
The pistachio macarons were not that soft and fragile yet maintained the chewy texture. Its pistachio flavor was enhanced by the pistachio cream hiding at the inner center of the masterpiece. Strawberries and cream was never a failure to me especially that the strawberries have that balanced sweetness and sourness. The strawberry cream filling did its part in this great collaboration. I took time in having each bite, enjoying every goodness and sweetness. It's a dessert that I don't get to see everyday. It's also something that made me feel like a carefree child and forget about my stress. I didn't mind spending 250Php for it; macarons are really expensive anyway. 

A fruit-and-nut experience in a macaron. Vanessa meets Vanessa. I now dub this dessert as the "Mother of Macarons". Goal achieved! Now I wonder what will be my next macaron experience. 

The Cake Club by Diamond Hotel - Vanessa meets Vanessa!

The Cake Club by Diamond Hotel
7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Monday to Thursday 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Friday to Sunday 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM