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Give Yourself Some Time to Heal

Give Yourself Some Time to Heal 

No one ever promised that this world will only be filled with happiness and pleasure
Even when you were a kid, you realized that playing may harm you or get you wounded
But did it stop you from playing again? from enjoying and exploring? No
You just wait 'til your wounds clot, 'til you can move again, and you're back in the game

As you grow older, you realize that the wounds you have now are deeper
Far from the physical wounds you had when you were a child
There are no open bruises or blood, but the pain is just stronger
It affects your feelings, your perspective, your life

Sometimes the pain gets really deep that you also want to inflict pain to others
Or you feel so hurt that you just want to give up and escape
But before doing anything, think that, like any other kind of wound or pain, this, too, will heal
It may be through patching bandages of understanding and forgiveness
Or wrapping gauzes of acceptance and love

They say "Time heals all wounds"
So if all else fail, you still have the option of giving yourself some time
To keep your mind at ease, to keep yourself from all the bad vibes
To regain your strength and be back on track.