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My First Christmas Gift for 2011

"Because the FIRST stuff are special!" 

It was a usual weekend where I go to my students' house and spend some hours teaching. Was surprised when their mom entered the room with a big bag containing two gift boxes. Great way to remind me that it is nearly Christmas -- a time of the year that I almost lose track of. 

In a way, it placed smile on my face. I know I love giving gifts, sharing thoughts or whatever, but now I also find small joy in receiving. And this is what they say Christmas is all about -- giving and receiving, sharing. 

Let me share the first advanced simple joys that I received. (Sorry, can't wait to open them 'til Christmas. Was just sooooo excited! Hehe)

Baker's Barn Coconut Macaroons
Bunch of Goodies!
Cute Bag
Bag details

I hope to feel the most of what Christmas can offer. Year after year, I feel its spirit is slowly being forgotten. But I don't want to lose hope!

Advanced Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone :)

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