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Shopee Mom's Club: Up to 25% OFF on Enfagrow!


Up to 25% OFF on Enfagrow on Shopee Mom's Club! 

As a parent, it's not enough that my child grows only intellectually. I also want him to develop his emotional side. Because in the real world, being academically intelligent is not the only factor in succeeding in life. Having good grades can land you a nice job but would that be enough to sustain it?  

There is the other half that we must also nurture in our kids -- the EQ or Emotional Quotient. It is that factor that allows kids to empathize with others, express themselves and communicate effectively,  handle stress and emotions, and overcome challenges. A balance of IQ and EQ would ensure a better standing in life. 

But how do we nurture both sides? What we feed our child, the nutrients that they get are important in their brain development. Add to that having enough rest and exercise so the body can function well. For social development, activities like role playing, story telling, or even asking kids to help in simple chores  could contribute to their EQ.  

Enfagrow A+ Four NuraPro aims to help in ensuring that there's no #MissingHalf in child's development. This milk has been especially formulated with superior DHA for IQ and breakthrough MFGM for EQ. 

Great news to Shopee Mom's Club members as there's an exclusive offer on Enfagrow products!

A strong EQ is as important as your child’s IQ. Raise a healthy, smart kid with a heart only with Enfagrow! Get up to 20% off this April 25, only on Shopee Mom's Club!

Enfagrow A+ Four NuraPro

Enfagrow A+ Four NuraPro

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