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How I Got Rid of Cockroaches in Our House -- Budget-Friendly Way!


It's possible to get rid of cockroaches! 

COCKROACH-FREE house -- Been living in our house for over 30 years but no matter how often and thorough we clean our house, there were still sightings of cockroaches every now and then. We've learned to live this way that these roaches will be forever part of our household... until I finally found products -- really effective but ultimately cheap -- that eliminated our cockroach problem. 

Cleanliness should still come first, else, these pests would still find their way back to your home. The three (3) products I'll be mentioning on this post are those that I've personally used for a period of time. This is not sponsored (wink! wink!). Feel free to share other effective products that you've used. I do not recommend these products to be placed/applied in areas where kids or pets can access. So please always take caution when using them. 

Here we go: 

Baygon Roach & Ant Killer (Php40 / box of 2 chalks)

Baygon Roach & Ant Killer 

When I was young, there's no other insecticide brand that we trust but Baygon. We got used to their insecticide spray scent thinking that there's no other option. Gladly overtime, Baygon was able to innovate new products such as this Baygon Chalk

The greatest advantage of using chalk is that I was able to apply it on walls, ceiling, or pathways where cockroaches may be passing by. And there's no strong scent that I was able to apply it anywhere. If not applied properly (doodles on the wall? haha), it might be unsightly as the chalk marks are visible. I usually put this on cabinet doors to keep roaches from entering (killing them in the process) and find it very effective. The effect lasts for weeks then you have to doodle again. It can also be used for ants. But although it protects our stuff and can kill cockroaches, this doesn't stop them from coming back. 

Baolilai Aerosol Insecticide Spray (Php55-100)

Baolilai Aerosol Insecticide Spray

It is during rainy (and floody) season that I usually find more cockroaches in our bathroom that I need a quicker solution to exterminate them. They might have gotten used or immune to our Baygon spray that I find it not as effective as before. I searched online and found Baolilai. With its cheap price ranging from Php55-100 online for a tall 750ml can, I gave it a go. By the way, there were reports in the past that this is not FDA approved. I searched further and found that it is approved under Registration Number HSR-8057 issued on DEC 29, 2020. 

Baolilai doesn't have the typical "pesticide scent". If not careful, you may even mistaken it for an air freshener with its mild fresh scent. But even though it doesn't have that strong smell, caution should be taken so as not to inhale it. Inside our house, I only spray it in our bathroom before we go to sleep to ensure no one will enter for several hours. I even wear facemask and thoroughly wash my hands after spraying. But even I wear facemask, I noticed that it still triggers my allergic rhinitis, so it must be that strong. The morning after I sprayed it, I found several (around 20!!) dead cockroaches on the bathroom floor! I was really surprised, yet amazed on the number of roaches it killed on the first use. Even without spraying, there were still cockroaches dying and I think it lasted for 3-4days. It is also effective for mosquitos which are also on the rise during rainy season. 


Buy it here:

Green Leaf Powder Cockroach Bait (Php5 / sachet)

Green Leaf Powder Cockroach Bait 

When I posted about the effectiveness of Baolilai on social media groups, people recommended this Green Leaf Powder Cockroach Bait. To be honest, I was doubtful because how would a powder bait be more (if not, as) effective as the first two products I mentioned. But since it is just Php5 per sachet, I gave it a try. I even bought 10 pieces as it doesn't hurt the pocket so much. 

I used one sachet for bathroom, and another sachet for kitchen under the sink. I strategically placed them in areas where I suspected the cockroaches are coming from or usually passing by. I didn't have worries using them in the kitchen as it doesn't give off any scent. That day was the last time I saw those German cockroaches ever in our house -- not even traces of the dead insects. According to those who recommended this product, the idea is that cockroaches eat the bait and bring it to their home which then poisons the other cockroaches. This might be the reason why, unlike in Baolilai, there's no "crime scene". 

Buy it here:

It has been months since the last sighting of a cockroach in our house. Might be too early to say that we've completely eradicated them but, this is the first time in my lifetime that this happened. Might be too good of a story but it is really happening. This is also why I am sharing this to everyone. Given that these products are all budget-friendly, give them a try but always practice caution. 

Bought these all from Shopee but you can also find other #ShopeeFinds here: It's the one-stop destination to the most in-demand and trending items as seen on social media.