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5 Classic Web Games to Play during Work Breaks -- Free, No Ads, No Need to Download!

5 Classic Web Games to Play during Work Breaks 

 The nature of my work requires me to face the laptop the whole time. And you know what they say, "All work with no play makes Jack a dull boy". We need time to have a break and refresh our mind with something else. For my case, it's as quick and easy as switching to another tab in my browser. 

Playing browser or web games at has been my fix for a recharge after a stressful work, or before I start another challenging task. Yes, they're FREE, NO ADS, no need to download, no sign up needed, and you can play them anytime! And even though they are addicting, the games are designed to be played in a few minutes -- just enough for your work break -- and you can pause and come back to it as long as you don't close the browser. 

Let me share with you five (5) of the classic games you might be familiar with already or have played in the past. These are also my favorites! 



Solitaire is timeless! Way back when internet, console, or mobile games are not yet a thing, there's solitaire in every desktop. And up until now, this is still a game that I play during past time. If you visit, you'll find various types, versions, and themes of solitaire games so you'll never run out of a game to try. 

Letter Scramble

Letter Scramble 

Letter Scramble is another favorite! It's perfect to be played using laptop as it practices my typing skills and widens my vocabulary. The concept of the game is to come up with words out of the letters appearing on the screen. The letters would pile up eventually so you have to type fast and think fast! 

Zuma Legend

Zuma Legend 

Zuma Legend is a classic game that requires you to match colors strategically and quickly. It always gives me thrills when the chain of balls is reaching the end. It's quite a short yet exciting game to play. 

Daily Word Search

Daily Word Search 

Daily Word Search trains your eyes in finding the words on the grid. It comes in 12x12, 14x14, and 16x16 puzzles and provides a new puzzle every day per grid. 



Tennis is a fun game to play wherein the computer plays as your opponent. You can move left, right, forward, and back to hit the ball. Honestly, I am not very good in such game and the computer always wins (haha!) but I still find it fun and addicting that I play it over and over again. 

These browser games are not only compatible on desktop or laptop, but can also be played using touchscreen devices such as smartphones or tablets. I usually play them during work breaks but they are also perfect for relieving boredom or to pass time. Go ahead and try these games, or you can also explore the other games at