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5 Nostalgic FREE Browser Games That Will Make You Reminisce the 90s!

5 Nostalgic Browser Games completely FREE! 

Raise your hand if you grew up in the 90s! Oh yeah, those days when mobile phone games weren't a thing yet. The only times when we could play video games were: [1] on a computer desktop, [2] using the "old school" Nintendo, or [3] if you could afford a Game Boy!

I have a 7-year old son and I observed how the games he's playing now are so different versus the ones I used to play. The visuals, the pacing, the complexity -- the main reason is the advancement in technology. But I still miss the old times; the simple yet totally enjoyable and stress-relieving games I used to play. I thought the only way to find them is to look for a similar game in application store and download them one by one. That's not only tedious but also consumes device storage. So just imagine the joy when I discovered! is a website with over a hundred games which you can play just by visiting the site. They're totally FREE and no need to download anything. You can use them on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet via internet browser. There are no ads in the site so you can just play all you want without interruptions. 

Even though has various categories such as simulation games, arcade, education, and sports, what I really longed for were these 5 NOSTALGIC GAMES that are very much similar to ones I had in my childhood. 



Back then, Minesweeper was bundled in operating systems so it's readily available in desktops. Such a simple past time but tends to be addicting as you would want to click and click the squares and win. The goal of the game is to remove squares from the playing field and cover all squares with bombs with a flag. 

Pac Rat (inspired by Pac Man)

Pac Rat 

Game play is very similar to Pac Man but instead of eating dots and be chased by ghosts, Pac Rat aims to eat all the cheese and avoid (or eat) the cats. The same adrenalin rush is felt while playing this game!

Neon Invaders (inspired by Space Invaders)

Neon Invaders 

Shooting game, you say? This was my kind of game back then -- moving horizontally, avoiding the bullets, and shooting the aliens. Neon Invaders very much resembles the classic Space Invaders. It's straightforward but fun!

Frogtastic (inspired by Zuma)


Zuma was introduced to me by mom as this was her favorite desktop game during her break when she was still working in the office. Frogtastic has the same concept wherein you need to match at least 3 balls to break them. It becomes challenging as you progress in the game as you must prevent the balls from reaching the end.  

Tetra Blocks (inspired by Tetris)

Tetra Blocks 

I blame it to the classic Brick Game why I love Tetris so much! Tetra Blocks uses the same concept plus a little twist as aligning the stars gives extra points. This is my all-time favorite!

I asked my son to play the games to see his reactions and surprisingly, he enjoyed them! He can't even stop playing some of them. I let him explore the other games in by using the Random Play button. He found his own favorites but that would be a separate list!