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5 Reasons Why I Continue Blogging

5 Reasons Why I Continue Blogging 

I grew up in a generation where writing letters to your friends and classmates was a thing. (To those who wrote me letters since grade school, I still keep them!) The habit of writing has embodied me to the point that I write to express my feelings, to remember something, to delight someone's day, and so on. I follow no rules. I just go with what my heart desires. 

I eventually started publishing my thoughts online -- no goals, no expectations. From everyday realizations, to sharing my experiences on places I go, services I avail, food I eat. This went on for years until I was noticed by Public Relations companies. I got projects for my blog which admittedly declined with the rise of social media influencers. With the fast-paced and short-attention-span generation that we have now -- which social media is very well catering -- I got to the point where I asked myself: "Are people still reading blogs? Is it still worth continuing?

After a decade of blogging, I'm still here. And these are my top 5 reasons why I continue blogging: 

An Outlet, a Diary

I go back to my roots and ponder why I started a blog. The main reason is that blogging has been my outlet -- to express my feelings, to clear my mind and align my thoughts, to de-stress. Those are reasons that contribute to self-satisfaction that no one can take away. 

Your Opinion is Valued

When I started publishing my posts, I receive comments and feedback from readers. Some ask more about my experience on a certain service or product. Some are expressing gratitude on how I was able to help them. These are things I never expect but are very rewarding knowing I was able to help by just doing the thing that I love. The key thing for me is to stay true so readers and brands will continue trusting my opinion and stand

Meet New People / Expand Network

There are readers who I eventually became friends with. And when I started getting projects and invites, I gain new circles and friends. There are food lovers that I get to hang out with for Foodie Meet Ups. There are Mommy groups that serve as confidante for anything this motherhood life throws. These networks also help me in getting more projects whenever they recommend me to brands and PR companies.  

Good for the Brain 

Writing is a good exercise for the brain. More benefits if you write by hand, say to draft your thoughts, as it stimulates parts of the brain responsible for memory and motor skills. But if typing on the keyboard is what you're used to, writing is still beneficial as it enhances your vocabulary, organizes your thoughts, improves your creativity, and expands your knowledge whenever you research on a certain topic. Learning is good for the brain!

Income Generating

I have a stable day job which is my bread and butter. But blogging as a hobby allows me to discover and enjoy new products through exchange deals, and provides extra income through posting projects. Ads and referral links also generate passive income. When I learned to adapt and grew my social media following, it enabled me to earn more while linking both social media and blog. After all, you can gain even more global reach through blogs opening more opportunities.  

So if you find yourself in the same situation -- blogging for years and not sure where the blogging trend is going for in the coming years, I suggest to take time to think about what your purpose is for blogging and decide if it is worth your time and effort to continue. These are my 5 main reasons and I think this blog is worth keeping!