Thinking Out Loud: Is TRUE LOVE for me?

Thinking Out Loud: Is True Love For Me? 

I look at couples -- those who just have been engaged or married, or celebrated their nth anniversary, and wondered... will I ever get there?

After failed relationships one after the other, experiences with people who made me doubt about faithfulness, respect, and love, I've come to a thought that maybe... maybe I'm not meant to be with anyone.

They said, you just have to be yourself, be who you are, and someone will accept the whole you. They said, know the negotiable and non-negotiable qualities that you're looking for, but do not settle. Keep your standards as the right one will meet those.

I've asked people on what it feels to find "The One", and most will say, you'll know it when you've found it. Everything feels smooth and right, like it's the most natural thing you could do. Your mind is at ease, you feel comfortable. You can let your guard down and not overthink. You feel you're at your best!

I've been longing for that feeling, but always end up with the wrong one. Maybe at the start, yes, it feels right. But as you unfold yourselves to each other, you see the differences, you feel the incompatibilities, and it gets harder and harder each day to compromise. Then you'll find yourselves struggling to keep the relationship, until you reach the point where you'll both say you've had enough.

I wonder.. for these people who claimed to find true love, was it really all bliss? How hard or easy was it to get to that decision of lifetime commitment? I guess I'll never know until it happens to me, or if it will ever happen...

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