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GOJU: Natural Fruit Infusion Drinks for People On-the-Go!

GOJU Natural Fruit Infusion drinks 

New fruit drinks alert! And contrary to the usual sugary drinks, these thirst quenchers are naturally fruit infused, and will soon be in the market.

UPDATE: As of AUGUST 01, GOJU is available in Ansons Supermarket, Landmark Makati, CSI Pangasinan

GOJU is a product of Vida Nutriscience Inc. -- makers of beauty and slimming brands such as Snow Caps, Acne Care, My Slim, Snow Skin Whitening, and Crystal White. Being a company that focuses on wellness, they've added another category in their list of brands to cater more consumers: both male and female, students and young professionals. Primarily, people who are always on-the-go, and that's where they got the name GOJU, "go" + "juice".
refreshing drink for people on-the-go! 

There are five (5) fruit juice flavors concocted from Spain and suited to Filipino tastebuds. But prior to taste, the first thing I noticed are the eye-catching designs! That even if you haven't tasted these drinks, you can choose a favorite based on the color or the spirit animal on the packaging. Yes, spirit animal that you can identify yourself with!

So in each of the flavors below, I included the spirit animal, the benefits based on the ingredients, and of course, the taste!
Love the packaging and the spirit animals associated with each drink 

To help me with the taste test, I invited my son Rhyme (4 years old), my nephew Jaren (8 years old), and my niece Xye (13 years old). As although the product targets teens and millennials, I'd like to know if kids will also like them. So here we go!

Orange (330ml - 39Php SRP)
Will remind you of the old fashioned orange juice with a refreshing and delicious taste. Packed with vitamins and minerals and perfect for hydrating
GOJU Orange 

Spirit Animal: LION - Power of leadership, ability to lead without insisting others to follow

  • Boosts immune system
  • Maintains blood pressure levels
  • Contains healing properties
  • Reduce risks of heart attack

Among all the flavors, I'd say this is the safest choice and most familiar taste. It's a perfectly balanced orange flavor -- not too sweet, not so sour. We all agreed that it smells good and tastes good too. Very classic that's why it is one of the flavors we easily enjoyed, though not enough to be our ultimate favorite. 

"Sarap and bango!" - Rhyme

Raspberry Lemonade (330ml - 39Php SRP)
A mixture of delicious raspberry and lemonade juice everyone loves, a guilt-free and natural on-the-go drink you truly deserve
GOJU Raspberry Lemonade 

Spirit Animal: HORSE - Swiftness, strength, enlightenment, possesses healing powers

  • Blood circulation
  • Fights inflammation
  • Aids digestion
  • Boosts energy
  • Keeps kidney & urinary tract clean

First sip and I know I like it! For one, I'm really into berry flavors, and two, I love the light fruity scent and taste. I hardly noticed the "lemonade" part but it still worked! For Jaren and I, it is our most favorite among the flavors!

White Peach Passion Fruit (330ml - 39Php SRP)
A healthy concoction of natural white peach, passion fruit, pineapple, lemon and Vitamin C perfect for your active lifestyle. Make juice drinking a cool way to a healthier you
GOJU White Peach Passion Fruit 

Spirit Animal: TURTLE - Oldest symbol of Mother Earth, longevity, the art of grounding

  • Rich in Vitamin A
  • Aids in Digestion
  • Improves circulation
  • Improves bone health
  • Keeps skin hydrated

I'd be honest that among the flavors, this is the most unfamiliar. Taste-wise, I can still associate it with the yellow-flesh peaches that I know. A little bit tangy, sweet, and refreshing. No wonder my son and Xye chose it as their favorite!

Lemonade (330ml - 39Php SRP)
A perfect blend of natural lemons, packed with Vitamin C, ready to quench your thirst for a healthy dose of on-the-go fruit drink
GOJU Lemonade 

Spirit Animal: OWL - Can see what others can’t, essence of true wisdom, deception

  • Boosts energy
  • Keeps kidney & urinary tract clean
  • Helps weight loss
  • Good for body’s defense system

This is another flavor I thought would be familiar to anyone because, well, lemonade is so common. It is tangy as expected, but not screamingly sour. My niece noticed a bit of bitterness and I find that normal and similar to lemon-infused water with rind, or when I squeezed lemon to its peel. Although this is okay for me, it wasn't for some of our tasters. My son still find it refreshing!

"So fresh!" - Rhyme

Mango Orange (330ml - 39Php SRP)
A natural blend of thirst quenching concoction of orange, mango, passion fruit, lemon, and Vitamin C, perfect for a tropical treat to juice up your day
GOJU Mango Orange 

Spirit Animal: BEAR - Strength, introspection, spiritual journey, healing

  • Boosts immunity
  • Improves digestion
  • Helps improves vision
  • Assists in weight loss
  • Makes skin beautiful

Surprisingly, this is our least favorite flavor (in case I really have to choose) to think mango and orange are very common fruits with familiar tastes. Apparently, there are also lemon and passion fruit infusion in this variant that might have contributed to its zest. To be fair, it's true to the taste of mango and orange, but instead of blending in harmony, they tend to counter each other. It was like I'm already riding the mango sweetness but then blocked by orange zing. But I still suggest to try it because everyone has his/her own preference.
find the flavor you can identify yourself with 

For the four of us, our favorites are Raspberry Lemonade, White Peach Passion Fruit, and Orange. We're not saying the other two flavors are bad, but they're just not our choice for now.

By now, you should have realized that the variety of flavors and fruit combinations, the colors, and the spirit animal designs are meant to suit consumers of diverse personalities. For sure you'll find something you'll love and it might not be exactly among what we chose.
they've chosen their favorites! 

The packaging design is really a plus for me. And with each can containing 330ml at Php39 SRP once out in the market, I think it's fairly priced too. It has evidently true fruit flavors without being sugary sweet that lingers on the tongue. Compared to other fruit juices, GOJU might appear to have lighter taste but I guess this is because of the natural fruit infusion method.

So watch out for these babies, and find that flavor that will keep you hydrated and refreshed on the go! Don't forget to chill and shake before consuming!
thumbs up for his White Peach Passion Fruit! 

GOJU Natural Fruit Infusion

Disclaimer: I was provided products for review. I did not pay anything. Photos with my watermark are mine and shouldn't be used without my permission. 

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