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The Belle & Dragon: Mozza Bites, Szechuan Bolognese, and more!

The Belle & Dragon 

This was my first and only visit (so far) at The Belle & Dragon. It was a Zomato Foodie Meet-Up so I just showed up without any idea about the place nor the kind of food they serve.
cozy dim light 

Though not obvious from the facade, the interior of this restaurant is grand and spacious. I love the mindful distances between tables, the high ceiling, the semi-private sections, the cozy dim light, and even those little details hanging on the walls. So varied pieces and accents but worked as a whole. Went there late afternoon/early dinner time when the venue was still peaceful and has less diners. Little did I know at that time that it gets funkier at night as, well..., it is a bar thus the "East Meets Pub" tagline.
some of the areas details and spaces 

Here are some of the dishes we've tried from their new lunch menu.

Mozza Bites (450Php)
Breaded golden brown delicious mozzarella bites served with marinara sauce 
Mozza Bites 

Crunchy on the outside, soft gooey mozzarella on the inside. The marinara sauce is a perfect partner as it well heightens the overall flavor of this Mozza Bites. Cheese might be that expensive though as the price of this 6-piece appetizer is way higher than their mains.
Mozza Bites Green Beans and Sweet Potato 

Green Beans and Sweet Potato (290Php)
Crispy battered green beans and sweet potato chips, served with garlic kewpie 
Green Beans and Sweet Potato 

Green Beans and Sweet Potato is the kind of starter you'll have if you're pretending to eat healthy like "wow, veggies!" but "oh.. deep fried...". This dish may appear simple and common but there's something about the batter that resulted to a thin crispy and well-flavored golden coating. Paired with the garlic kewpie dip, it made me eat my veggies.

Caesar Salad (340Php)
Romaine lettuce, anchovies, garlic croutons, thinly sliced truffle noir cheese, parmesan cheese, caesar dressing
Caesar Salad 

Oh no... I'm not a fan of salad too... But how can I resist the sliced and shredded cheeses on this Caesar Salad?? That sharp cheese flavor is all I need and I'm good with this salad.
Caesar Salad Mixed Mushroom Salad 

Mixed Mushroom Salad (350Php)
Salad of fresh mixed greens, torched salmon, marinated mixed mushrooms, mixed herbs (mint, basil, and cilantro), served with roasted garlic ponzu vinaigrette
Mixed Mushroom Salad 

Another salad... but what makes it worse for me is that I'm not so fond of mushrooms too. But good thing, I love salmon! Despite the name of this salad, Mixed Mushroom Salad, I found the smoky taste and aroma of the torched salmon stood out enhancing the depth of flavors. That is also what made me want this salad.

Szechuan Bolognese (290Php)
A different take on the classic bolognese meat sauce with an Asian twist, seasoned with Chinese sausage, eggplants, chilies, spices on a bed of noodles 
Szechuan Bolognese 

Szechuan Bolognese is my most favorite dish among the line up. My usual experience with Asian-flavored pasta dishes is that it gives me a feeling that I'm eating a stir-fried noodle rather than a pasta. But with this dish, it harmoniously combined Asian flavors in an Italian concept. It is still pasta but with mildly-spiced and meaty sauce. A unique sweet-spicy flavor giving an explosion of goodness with every mouthful. This gave me such a wonderful experience.
Szechuan Bolognese Lechon ala Tomas 

Lechon ala Tomas (320Php)
Crispy pork belly lechon, lechon gravy, pickled cucumber, radish, green papaya 
Lechon ala Tomas 

Despite being drizzled with gravy, Lechon ala Tomas didn't lose its crunchy skin and tender meat. I love the salty succulent flavor that Filipinos can easily be familiar with. Combine it with some pickled cucumber, radish, and green papaya for a nice complement.

Cod Chino (290Php)
Steamed cod topped with garlic, ginger julienne, think leek slices, cilantro, served on a bed of steamed bok choy, sauced with a sweet cilantro soy sauce  
Cod Chino 

For a lighter option, here's Cod Chino. Mild soy sauce, little spice, but still managed to be great tasting through natural herbs and spices. Not sure if this was the first time I tried cod but the texture isn't just soft and light as it gives a bit of an enjoyable bite that I favor.

Wake Me Up (250Php)
Spicy ground Thai pork ragu, soft boiled egg, fried garlic, chili pepper and mixed herbs (mint, cilantro, basil), over steamed Japanese rice 
Wake Me Up 

With its name, my idea is that Wake Me Up is a different take on gising-gising which usually has more vegetables than meat. The spiciness it gives, combined with the herbs would make you go for more rice. Though really, the spiciness level is tolerable and enough to enjoy the "ride" this meal brings.
Wake Me Up Fried Chicken Omurice 

Fried Chicken Omurice (265Php)
One quarter piece boneless fried chicken, served with an egg omelette over rice, Japanese chicken curry sauce and pickled radish  
Fried Chicken Omurice 

Fried Chicken Omurice is your well-glamoured fried chicken meal. The chicken itself was coated with peppery yet crunchy breading, was soaked in Japanese curry, and paired with egg omelette and rice. Wow... how dreamy! But reality check, it tastes fantastic too!

Tinola for the Soul (280Php)
Chicken ginger soup, garlic, onion, green papaya, calamansi, garnished with malunggay and chili leaves
Tinola for the Soul 

Tinola for the Soul is listed under soup as it is just soup, no actual chicken meat (as I remember). Quite pricey if you think but I encourage you to try it and you'll understand why it's called Tinola for the Soul. It was like every sip calms your whole senses, and the flavor goes straight to your core. Enjoying it little by little gives a lot nostalgia and a feeling of home. Very classic tinola!

The Colonel (380Php)
Crispy fried chicken, topped with house-made pickles, shredded lettuce, onion leeks with house made ranch dressing in a lightly toasted sesame bun 
The Colonel 

For the burger department, here's a humongous The Colonel which can be shared by four provided you have other orders. The fried chicken is similar to that on the omurice -- peppery, crispy, flavorful. But in this form, you get to skip the egg and rice, but have the chips and toasted buns instead.

Belle Sundae (320Php)
Strawberry and chocolate ice cream, topped with house-made honey butter biscuit chunks, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, chopped nuts, and banana brule
Belle Sundae 

Last on the list is the Belle Sundae. Ice cream, whipped cream, toppings and syrup, serving size is good for one, and although this is delightful and satisfying, I find the price to be too much. I'd probably go for their other dessert options unless I totally crave for this.

I was amazed that all the dishes I tried here at The Belle & Dragon are delicious! It even surprises me that this establishment has its way of making me eat even those I usually do not prefer -- like salad and vegetables. Serving size is good both for shareable and solo meals. Price is what confuses me a little as appetizers and desserts seemed to be over the usual/average, yet the mains, given the serving size and wow factor are so worth the money! Parking could be a problem as it is just along Palanca Street where street parking is allowed but very limited. Option is to park in the nearby malls like Greenbelt.

The Belle & Dragon
100 Don Carlos Palanca Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City
The Belle & Dragon Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Disclaimer: I was invited as a blogger to feature this restaurant. I did not pay anything. Pictures with my watermark are mine.