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Shopwise: A Food and Wine Treat for Moms (recipes included)!

Mother's Day Treat at Shopwise Alabang 

A day before Mother's Day, Shopwise held a special treat for Moms at Shopwise Alabang. It was a fun and entertaining afternoon filled with new learning and discovery about wines, concocting, and including it in dishes.

Although the event was made for Moms as a Mother's Day Treat, avid shoppers were welcome to watch and participate in the event. 
Australian wines exclusively being sold at Shopwise and Rustans 

First up was a cooking demonstration with Chef Jee Mingoa. If you're familiar with Alchemy Bar and Bistro in Makati, Chef Jee is the man behind those wonderful dishes they're offering. His forte lies on French, Western, and Mediterranean cuisines and that is why incorporating wines in his creations is something he is used to do, and which he gladly shared with the shoppers.
Chef Jee Mingoa of Alchemy Bar and Bistro 

Here are some of the dishes he made during the event. The audience gets to sample these yummy treats.
Creamy Beef Paprikash - Procedure 

Pan-Fried Fish Fillet with Caper Tomato - Ingredients 

Pan-Fried Fish Fillet with Caper Tomato - Procedure 

After the cooking demo, we were introduced to Joseph Apostol, who is the President of Philippines Wine Flaring. Wow... flaring! The sound of that made me excited! But before that, Joseph shared three special cocktails which he dedicated to all Moms. 
Joseph Apostol, Philippine Wine Flaring - President 

In case you wanted to create them at home, here are the mixes!
Mamita el Mojito 

Mamita el Mojito - Finished Product 

Citrus Sunshine 

Citrus Sunshine - Finished Product 

Blossoming Mom 

Last, but not the least, is a wine expert from Italy -- Mattia Mauri. Although Mattia started learning about wine in Europe, he recently moved to Australia to gain more experience and develop his skills. No wonder his specialties are Italian and Australian wines. And in this afternoon, Mattia gladly shared to the moms and shoppers his knowledge through a Wine 101 session. This not only made the audience appreciate wine more, but they also get to choose the kind of wine that will suit their taste buds.
Mattia Mauri, Wine Expert 

All the wines used in the cooking session, cocktails, and Wine 101 are Australian wines which are exclusively being sold at Shopwise and Rustans. Brands include Beach Hut, Chain of Fire, and the Lakefield. By the way, I love the Cranswick Lakefield Moscato! It's a good option if you're into sweet and less bold.
Me and my Blossoming Mom cocktail 

What a WINE-derful afternoon spent at Shopwise! We hope Shopwise will come up with more events like this as not only it elevated the shopping experience, but it was also very informative. After all, all the ingredients, mixes, and wines can be bought from Shopwise!


Disclaimer: I was invited as a blogger to feature this event. Photos with my watermark are mine and shouldn't be used without my permission.