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Jollibee: Peach Mango Pie, Choco Mallow Pie, and the New Ube Pie! Which is Your Favorite?

Jollibee Dessert Pies 

For dessert, I usually go for cold and sweet like sundae! But this rainy and cold weather calls for something warm and comfy. Aha! I haven't tried Jollibee's Ube Pie! With that thought, I went to Jollibee Grand Canal Mall, which is just across our office. While I was in the store, I realized I haven't tried Choco Mallow Pie as well... so why not go for that too. And, well, let's include Peach Mango Pie as even though it has been in the menu for quite a while, very seldom that I order this dessert.

So tadaaaa! Got all three sweet/dessert pies in Jollibee's menu. I didn't include the Tuna Pie as although this is one of my favorite items from Jollibee, obviously it belongs to the savory/non-dessert type.
Which is your favorite? 

Going back... Something in common among these three pies (applicable to Tuna Pie as well) is their oh-so-crunchy golden crust. Paired with a warm oozing filling, ahhh delightful!

Peach Mango Pie (29Php; trio - 82Php)
Peach Mango Pie 

I got a taste of Peach Mango Pie and I realized, I might have been overlooking this dessert that now I question why I haven't been ordering this that much?! What have I been missing? The sweet and zesty combination of peach and mango, mushy with bits of the actual fruits. I took a bite and the next thing I knew, I'm going for the last bite! It was so good and refreshing! No wonder it's a main stay in the menu. It wasn't my first time to try this, but I get to appreciate it more today more than ever. Now I know I need to have more of this the next time I visit Jollibee.

Choco Mallow Pie (32Php; trio - 90Php)
Choco Mallow Pie 

This is the first time I'm trying Choco Mallow Pie. Unlike Peach Mango Pie, the consistency is the same but there's a black/brown part (chocolate) and white part (mallow?). The chocolate part has a deep bitter sweet taste, probably richer than the one used in their choco sundae. The mallow part tries to mellow down the chocolate flavor but it's really overpowering. With that, I guess this really works for chocolate lovers! The kind of dessert that puts chocolate in a different form (a pocket pie) yet still satisfies the rich chocolaty taste.

Ube Pie (29Php; trio - 82Php)
Ube Pie 

Finally... Ube Pie! First of all, I've been hearing mixed reviews on this new dessert pie from Jollibee whether from ube lovers or not. Ube isn't my favorite but I appreciate it. Ube is the current craze! You can find ube products in different forms now more than before. It used to be just the halaya, ice cream, and cake. Now there's ube cupcake, ube champorado, ube taho, ube pancake, and more! What about Jollibee's Ube Pie? It has a soft and creamy ube texture. The flavor is there with a bit of sweetness. It's ube! Though in terms of the intensity of flavor, it can still be improved to be at par with the pronounced flavors of Peach Mango Pie and Choco Mallow Pie.
Take your pick! 

Surprisingly, despite the new additions to Jollibee's dessert pies, Peach Mango Pie is my favorite! It's just funny that I had to come to this before I realize that I love their Peach Mango Pie! For sure chocolate or ube lovers have different takes, so share your favorite Jollibee sweet pie!

Second Floor, Venice Grand Canal Mall, McKinley Hill, Taguig City
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