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GIVEAWAY: Wing Zone: 15 Award Winning Flavors and a Flavorholic Father's Day Treat!

Wing Zone's 15 Award Winning Flavors and a Flavorholic Father's Day Treat! 

Father's Day is coming and what a great way to celebrate it with your family but with food! Aside from that, Wing Zone Philippines is opening a second branch in Glorietta, Makati this June! With those two reasons, I guess they're enough to have a GIVEAWAY!!
SM Megamall - 1st branch in the Philippines casual dining 

Excited? But before that, let's take a look at what you can enjoy at Wing Zone.

With over 100 stores worldwide, Wing Zone has come to the Philippines to spread its flavorholic goodness with its first branch at the 2F Mega Atrium, SM Megamall.
Wings in Crunch and all 15 award winning flavors! 

Casual dining, come freely, come as you are. This branch is so welcoming -- it doesn't even have doors. Go straight to the counter, select an entree, choose your flavor. If you have trouble deciding, you can let your luck decide for you and spin the roulette.
What's your FLAVORite? Can't decide? Spin the roulette! 

For the entrees, you can choose among Original Wings, Signature Boneless Bites, Zesty Hand Breaded Strips, and Drumsticks -- all come with 1 or 2 flavors depending on the number of pieces.

Usually, in stores that offer wings, they have the flavor glazed or rubbed on the wings. But here at Wing Zone, you have the option to go Naked in which the flavor will be "fuzed" to the wings, or Crunch wherein the wings will be breaded and you have the flavor as dip. What I love about having the flavor as dip is you can control the amount of flavor you want on your wings. Mixed or dipped, it really depends on how you want to enjoy your food which I find unique here at Wing Zone.
15 Award Winning Flavors 

Now let's talk about the flavors -- 15 award winning flavors inspired from different places in the world. We say "award winning" as recognized by the National Buffalo Wing Festival:

  • 2004/2006/2008 Buffalo Wing Festival Favorite
  • 2008 1st Place Buffalo Wing Festival - Garlic Parm
  • 2009 1st Place Buffalo Wing Festival - Thai Chili
  • 2009 Award Winner Buffalo Wing Festival - Hot Shot 

I got the chance to try all 15 flavors! I'll let you know my favorites at the end. 
Honey Q, Tokyo Dragon, Smokin Q, Sweet Samurai 

I started with the brown ones as they look "safe" when it comes to hotness level... but not really!

HONEY Q (Sweet with No Heat)
Sweet honey and smoky BBQ hook up to deliver great Southern flavor
If it's your first time to dine at Wing Zone and you're looking for a flavor that is familiar, not spicy, and something that will be loved by the whole family, it's Honey Q! You won't go wrong with its sweet and smoky flavor.

TOKYO DRAGON (Sweet & Spicy Flavors, Hotness: Medium)
Hot honey meets classic teriyaki for an experience of ginger, soy, and heat
Who loves Japanese flavors? How about spicy food? If you answered "Yes!" to both, then Tokyo Dragon will satisfy your taste buds! I am a fan of Japanese food, but with the hotness level of this dip, it became a bit of a challenge, but an experience I truly enjoyed!

SMOKIN Q (Sweet & Spicy Flavors, Hotness: Hot)
BBQ smokehouse flavor with a serious cayenne kick will heighten your senses
Oh my... I was so deceived by this dip. Disclaimer: I didn't read the descriptions nor the hotness level of each dip before trying. When I had Smokin Q, I was just thinking that it is the usual barbecue flavor. So when I tasted it, yes, there's the smoky barbecue taste, and woahhh... a soaring kick of spice that goes a bit over my tolerance.

SWEET SAMURAI (Sweet with No Heat)
Asian traditionalists love this glaze of soy, honey, ginger, and teriyaki flavor 
Sweet Samurai is like Tokyo Dragon minus the sweat. So it's all sweetgood, and fancy
Lemon Zinger, Liquid Gold, Garlic Parm, Tame, Buffalo Bliss 

Let's see if these yellow/orangy ones will set an even warmer mood.

LEMON ZINGER (Savory Flavors)
Pucker up to this classic blend of lemon pepper and savory spices
It's zesty and herby (if there is such a word). The tangy taste of lemon is very noticeable, and I say "herby" because of the mix spices in it.

LIQUID GOLD (Sweet with No Heat)
Our full flavored version of traditional honey mustard offers blissful relief from the heat
Recommended, and I think this is a crowd favorite! It's really a good take on the usual honey mustard that I didn't think it's the "base" of this dip. A very nice combination of sweetness and a bit of sourness, plus a lot more!

GARLIC PARM (Savory Flavors, Hotness: Mild)
Have a garlic love affair with zesty Buffalo flavor, a parmesan, and a kiss of pepper
This gives an evident taste of garlic and pepper, and hints of hotness. Parmesan is subtle, or may have been overpowered by the strong garlicky flavor.

TAME (Traditional Buffalo Flavors, Hotness: Mild)
Our Mild-mannered blend of buttery Buffalo spices will not make you a super hero
Ah.. this is the traditional buffalo flavor that we are all looking for, except made less hot for those with lower tolerance. A well-thought combination of zest and buttery taste, and of course, hotness!

BUFFALO BLISS (Traditional Buffalo Flavors, Hotness: Medium)
We've kicked it up a notch or two for a warmer Buffalo experience
Tame and Buffalo Bliss really have the same taste, but just a different level of hotness. For a tongue numbed to spiciness, you won't really notice the difference.
Thai Chili, Hot Shot, Nuclear Habanero, Mango Fire 

Now these look like the "scary" ones!

THAI CHILI (Sweet & Spicy Flavors, Hotness: Mild)
Our Far East fusion of spicy Thai plus sweet & sour will arouse your taste buds
What I love about Thai food is the balance of sweetness, sourness, saltiness, bitterness, and spiciness. And with Thai Chili, you experience the same variety of flavors combined harmoniously in a dip!

HOT SHOT (Traditional Buffalo Flavors, Hotness: Hot)
Boldly experience the Buffalo flavor while sweating with pleasure
If Tame is Level 1, and Buffalo Bliss is Level 2, Hot Shot is Level 3! It really just varies on the intensity of hotness and what you can tolerate. But the buffalo flavor remains.

NUCLEAR HABANERO (Traditional Buffalo Flavors, Hotness: Hottest)
Go ahead and light the fuse and say you took the ride
Nuclear Habanero is the hottest buffalo flavor available at Wing Zone. I have medium tolerance to spicy food but due to my GERD (acid reflux), I prefer minimal to no spiciness. For this flavor, the minute it touches my tongue, I already felt the hotness all over my mouth.. considering I only dipped a small amount.

MANGO FIRE (Sweet & Spicy Flavors, Hotness: Hottest)
Kick back & enjoy the trip to the islands, an island with an active volcano!
Mango Fire is one of the hottest flavors at Wing Zone. But compared to Nuclear Habanero in which you'll taste the hotness from the start, Mango Fire will try to deceive your taste buds first, making them believe it's a sweet-tangy combination. And as you start to enjoy it, there comes the "fire" part! What an experience this flavor can bring!
Blackened Voodo, Cool Ranch 

Here are some Dry Rub Flavors that you can also have on your Wedges!

We sizzle your wings with the Dry Rub Cajun flavors of New Orleans

Make it Cool with our savory blend of Dry Rub ranch flavors
Crunch dipping in Lemon Zinger Wedges in Blackened Voodoo 

15 amazing flavors but my FLAVORites are: Liquid Gold, Thai Chili, and Tokyo Dragon!
Naked in Liquid Gold 

Enjoy your wings, boneless bites, strips, or drumsticks with sides such as wedge frieschipsmozzarella sticks, or rice! You can also opt for a Build Your Own Beef or Chicken Burger.
Naked in Tokyo Dragon Naked in Buffalo Bliss 

Brownie ala Mode (130Php)
Brownie ala Mode 

End your flavorful meal with this Brownie ala Mode. Two scoops of vanilla ice cream on top of fudgy brownie cubes, finished with chocolate syrup drizzle and two wafer sticks. Yum!
Crunch or Naked? 


  • 1 Winner of Php500 Wing Zone Gift Certificate + 5 Coupons of 4 FREE Wings (valid until July 31, 2018)
  • 1 Winner of 5 Coupons of 4 FREE Wings (valid until July 31, 2018)

GIVEAWAY DURATION: JUNE 09 11:00PM to JUNE 15 2018 6:00PM 


Open to Metro Manila residents only. You may join either through Facebook or Instagram, OR both! I'll combine all entries when choosing the winners.
  1. Like our Facebook Pages: Patches of Life ( and Wing Zone Philippines ( -- 1 entry (required when joining through Facebook)
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NOTE: Only Steps 1-3 are REQUIRED. Make sure to follow them as I'll be validating the entries. Steps 4-6 are just for additional entries. Remember, more entries = more chances of winning!

Good luck and Happy Father's Day!

Wing Zone
Second Floor, Mega Atrium, SM Megamall, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City
Wing Zone Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Disclaimer: I was invited as a blogger to feature this restaurant. I did not pay anything. Pictures with my watermark are mine.