Pampers: Goodbye Lawlaw, Go Galaw with New and Improved Pampers Baby Dry!

New Pampers Baby Dry 

I have been a cloth diaper user since my son turned 1 month old. Now that my son is 3 years old, we are still using cloth diapers but at night time only (at day time, he just wears briefs). I cannot remember exactly when but it came to a point that whenever we go out, I prefer using disposable diapers for the reasons that [1] it is less bulky, [2] easier to wear and remove (you can just tear it off), and [3] you can dispose it easily. (Disclaimer: This is to disclose that I am a user of both cloth and disposable diapers up until now. This is not to compare the two as they have their pros and cons based on my experience, but I love them both!)

Usually, when we choose a disposable diaper, we look at the price, if it would cause rashes, and if it would leak -- at least for me, those are the things I check. But one issue I noticed with disposable diapers is it being saggy! I witnessed this with my son and I noticed how it was hard for him to move with a saggy diaper.
Go Galaw! 

In a recent gathering with mommy and daddy bloggers, I learned that the choice of diaper is important and can affect your baby's development. It is during these crucial years that a baby starts to explore and develop their motor skills and having a bulky and saggy diaper could restrain movements.

Aside from inhibiting movements, saggy diapers would also cause frequent changing, thus spending more due to more diaper uses. What happens with a usual diaper is that the pee gets concentrated at the center and cause sagging, even if the diaper is not yet full.

The reasons mentioned above is what made Pampers improve their product to have less saggy (lawlaw) diapers and encourage more movement (galaw) among babies. The key is the new magic gel channel.
pour water water distributed evenly 

To understand more about the new magic gel channels, I did a simulation. Here's a piece of new Pampers baby dry placed on a basin. I poured around 150ml water on it at no particular direction. The water is quickly absorbed as I pour it. And as it is being absorbed, the water is being distributed equally among the 3 channels. Lastly, when I touched it, it feels dry!
no sagging liquid turned into gel 

The even distribution of liquid causes the diaper not to sag. I cut the diaper at the center and see how the liquid turned into gel.
thin and light filled with water 

See how thin and light the diaper is to start with, while the other is filled with water. It remains dry and relatively less bulky.

Below is another demonstration conducted during the media event. There is no editing on the speed of the video so you can really see how fast the liquid was absorbed and distributed.

With what I've witnessed, I believe this is a great improvement in Pampers Baby Dry products both in taped and pants variants. Not only will our baby feel more comfortable and dry, but he/she will get to explore and move more, plus less diaper change!
look who's so happy with the new Pampers Baby Dry! 


Disclaimer: I was invited as a blogger to feature this product. I did not pay anything. Pictures with my watermark are mine.
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