LG: Helping Women to Do More!

LG: Helping Women to Do More! 

It rooted from the belief from hundreds of years ago that men are superior, and so women had to strive hard to prove themselves of what they are capable of. Women play a lot of roles, not only in household, but has over the years taken part in the corporate world.

Technologies, and well-known brands such as LG who has been in the business for 60 years, have played great roles in this journey of women in bringing out their full potential.
Women and Technology 

Women, while fulfilling their roles in taking care of their family and home chores, have been most exposed to home appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators. With the advances in technology, these appliances are continuously being improved for greater efficiency and convenience that will provide more time for women to do other tasks.

Mobile phones and tablets have been partners of women not only in errands that can be done online such as paying bills and grocery shopping, but also in connecting with other people whether through social media or via a simple text/call to family and friends.
Discovering full potential 

In the continuously changing world where women are not only in charge of their family, but are also playing important roles in the business/corporate sphere, at the same time, expressing and making time for themselves, technology has been one of the greatest enabler. LG, as one of the established electronics brands, empowers women through functional, efficient, and sleek designs of appliances and gadgets for everyday use.

This March, let's celebrate women, their capabilities, and how their lives and role in society have transformed with the help of technology. Happy Women's Month!

LG Philippines 

Disclaimer: I was provided materials for this post. Pictures are from LG Electronics Facebook Page. 
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