Homeschool Global: Family Fun Day!

Homeschool Global Family Fun Day! 

Have you heard of homeschooling? Or if you're familiar with it, have you ever considered homeschooling your child? Growing up in a traditional school, even public school for most of my school years, I have this huge curiosity on how homeschooling works. I met most of my friends, who lasted up until now, in school. I've learned a lot from people of different backgrounds, and gained experiences dealing with them while I was in school. And so typically, that's also what I want my child to go through as he grows up.
Don Jones Field, British School Manila 

Covering for the Homeschool Global Family Fun Day last March 24, 2018 at Don Jones Field, British School Manila answered one of my curiosities -- that yes, they do socialize! This annual Family Day, with this year's theme "Let's Come Together!" is one of the proofs!
giant inflatables, activities and game booths 

This event is an extended celebration of the National Homeschool Day which recognizes the homeschooling community and served as a venue for parents to share best practices and interact within the group. 
bazaar organized and run by the parents 

It was like a huge school fair for different ages where they can enjoy the inflatables, games and activity booths, and a bazaar organized by homeschooling parents. We took part in this celebration, and my son, Rhyme, enjoyed the inflatables together with the other homeschoolers.

Aside from this family day, other social activities include field trips, sports, church service, and community volunteering.
Rhyme and the inflatable play area 

There are varied reasons why parents would choose homeschooling. But one thing is for sure, it provides an education system that is customized to your child's learning styles and capabilities. Homeschool Global (HG) is the learning organization that provides the comprehensive strategies and tools that will guide and train parents so their children can learn better. There was even a study with factors on peer interaction, leadership skills, and self-esteem, among others, that shows students who underwent homeschooling usually achieved above average scores on emotional, social, and psychological progress.

Another proof would be the student achievers whom we get to interact with.

Louise Mabulo
Finalist in the Junior Master Chef competition of ABS-CBN. Represented the country in the Disciples Escoffier Young Talent Trophy in Hong Kong. Delegation Head and Campus Ambassador at the United Nations Youth Assembly
Louise Mabulo 

Harmie Constantino
Scholar from the University of Georgia. Accomplished junior golfer: won the 2014 100 Plus  Malaysian Junior Open, the 2015 Philippine Junior Amateur Open, three straight victories in the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA), 4th place in 2016 and 10th in 2017 in the World Junior Championship
Harmie Constantino 

Cheska Rojas
Theater actress who performed the role Molly in Annie The Musical; as well as one of the sewer kids (ensemble) in the recently concluded play Chitty Chitty Bang Bang by Ian Flemming at the Resorts World
Cheska Rojas 

Arianna Natasha Chua
Bronze awardee at the China Junior Math Olympiad in 2011. Silver medalist at the International Mathematics Competition (IMC), Singapore in 2013. 5th overall at the International Regions Mathematics League, University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2016. Youth Excellence in Science Awardee (YES Award) in 2011 and 2013
Yanna Chua 

Adrian Nathaniel Chua
Math wiz who won bronze medals at the International Mathematics Competition (IMC) in 2010 in Singapore, China Junior Math Olympiad in 2011, and the International Mathematics Wizard Competition in Hongkong in 2012. Over-all champion at the King of Mathematics Wizard Competition in Hongkong in 2012. 6th overall at the International Regions Mathematics League (University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2016. Youth Excellence in Science Awardee (YES Award) in 2011 and 2012

Freya Dorado
Performed the role of Gretl in the Sound of Music Manila Tour

Mika O'Hara
Filipino delegate in the Youth Assembly at the United Nations and Homeschool TV host and content creator

Miguel Tabuena
Gifted golfer who won the silver medal at the 2010 Asian Games, ranked 4th at the Asian Tour Order of Merit and the recipient of the Philippine Open, Asian Tour title

My experience here at the Homeschool Global Family Fun Day helped me learn more about this non-traditional option where your parents are your teachers, a school is not required, and a flexible curriculum is being used that allows students to bring out their potential, without sacrificing social interaction. If you want to know more about homeschooling, visit Homeschool Global website. 
Me and Rhyme at the HG Family Fun Day! 

Homeschool Global

Disclaimer: I was invited as a blogger to feature this event. I did not pay anything. Photos with my watermarks are mine. 
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  1. Homeschooling is a great option for your child. Because if you want your child to become a doctor or engineer, then it starts from your home. If you provide him this kind of environment, then he will not have any difficulty achieving his target. Homeschooling has both advantages and disadvantages. One of the major features of homeschooling is the flexible structure it offers to students. Usually, students have to follow a set curriculum if they are enrolled in school. Thanks for this article.


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