Smart Araneta Coliseum: Le Grand Cirque in Manila from DEC 25 2016 to JAN 03 2017!

Le Grand Cirque in Araneta Coliseum! 

Araneta Center simply knows how to make this season even more special by bringing the greatest show in town! Catch Le Grand Cirque at Smart Araneta Coliseum from December 25, 2016 to January 03, 2017. Ticket prices are as follows:
Ticket Price 

I got the chance to see it first today, a day before Christmas, during the Gala Charity Event and it was spectacular! I've never watched anything like this before so I was really amazed. I had my little boy and my mom with me and both of them enjoyed the show. So yes, they're for all ages and great for the entire family!
VIP tickets

The show was opened by a mime who was so loved by crowd, especially the young ones. He appears every now and then as part of intermission to provide comic relief. Much needed every after breath-taking and heart-pounding stunts. I enjoyed the audience participation and that the show really tries to interact with the crowd.

The aerial trapeze was a great first act as it has set the bar high (literally and figuratively) on what to expect in the show. People were screaming in anxiety with every flip, and applauding after successful stunts.
Aerial Trapeze

I wish I had better camera to capture the great performances. But here are some pictures I got during the show.


Precision and timing to jump through the ring seamlessly!

Aerial tricks in a cube

Balancing and spinning plates with sticks!

Hula-hooping hundred hoops? 

One of my favorite stunts is this duo. While they're doing those amazing poses, I was like "Core Power, yo!!".
Core Power......of Strong Men

I think the kids got scared when they saw those fire balls. But it's all safe and it was stunning!
Fire actStunning!

I wish the last act was as grand as the first. It took time to set up the swing and I know it is hard to perform, however, it yielded less applause from the crowd. The fire dance could have been a better ending.
Russian Swing

Overall, it is indeed the greatest show in town and a wonderful way to spend the Holiday Season! The performances were varied from aerial tricks, to balancing acts, and precision skills. There were some acts with mistakes but acceptable. I used to only see these things in the television but it is really astounding to see it live for the first time!
The Greatest Show in Town!

Le Grand Cirque

Disclaimer: I got VIP tickets to feature this show. Pictures with my watermark are mine.
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