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Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant: Lunch Sets

Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant
I was browsing some emails when I saw one from The Bistro Group that Watami will be having 40% off on all Lunch Sets valid only on May 28, 2013. Coincidentally, Allen received an invite at Watami on the same date. The initial plan was that we go together: me to avail the discount and he to attend the event. But a better option popped when Allen got the go signal that I can join him and the other bloggers on the launching of Watami's Lunch Sets

Watami interior
Watami's interior gives a feeling of modern Japanese with all the wood panels and patterns, red pillars, and Oriental-themed tables and seats. The place is roomy which is just ideal due to the amount of customers dining in this place, yet it still managed to maintain coziness.

Watami Salmon SashimiWatami Crab Meat Pot Rice

It was my first time at Watami and indeed was a great time to explore their dishes, and of course try their lunch set. I love Japanese food like sushi, sashimi, and tempura, but this one's a fusion. There's a wide variety to choose from whether you're craving for some raw, noodles, or rice, and there's even a lot more. 

Watami Assorted SkewerWatami Scallop Sashimi

Black Pepper Beef with Rice in Stone Pot Set (served with salad and miso soup, 275Php)

Watami Black Pepper Beef with Rice in Stone Pot Set
For only 275Php and given that it is one of their best sellers, you can't go wrong with Black Pepper Beef with Rice. It is kept hot by the heated pot, and the beef is thin and tender that I had no trouble chewing them. The black pepper just made it flavorful and as I'm into strong taste, I really enjoyed the spices in it. The salad and the miso soup are not to be ignored. When you have tasted them, you'll know what I'm talking about. The salad was simple with greens and corn but what I really like about it is its citrus-vinaigrette-ish dressing. The miso soup is also good that after all the mix of flavors, sipping some miso soup helps cleanse the palate.

Beef Sukiyaki Rice in Stone Pot Set (served with salad and miso soup, 395Php)

Watami Beef Sukiyaki Rice in Stone Pot Set
Beef Sukiyaki Rice has a lot going on with its thin-sliced beef, tofu, egg, and some vegetables. But after having everything mixed up, it gives a fairly mild flavor, more on the egg-tofu combination. I still find it delicious though I prefer dishes with more flavor. 

In case you're curious on the other Lunch Set Menu, here you go: 

Watami Lunch Set MenuWatami Lunch Set Menu

Aside from the Lunch Sets, I get to taste the following: 

 Salmon and Vegetable in Rice Paper (195Php)

Watami Salmon and Vegetable in Rice Paper
Salmon and Vegetable in Rice Paper was a personal choice. I love salmon, I love those spring roll-like food with dip. It's raw, it's fresh, it's like eating salad with mayo dressing. Eating it with the dip was good but I like it better without to have more of the salmon taste. 

Bolognese Pizza (325Php)

Watami Bolognese Pizza
This Bolognese Pizza can be shared by 2 to 3 persons. Interestingly, even though it is bolognese, it never lost the Japanese savor. Topped with egg, tomatoes, shredded onions, and cheese, add to that the thin and crunchy crust, this pizza is something I would want to have over and over again!

Tokyo-style Ramen in Shoyu Flavored Soup (425Php)

Watami Tokyo-style in Ramen in Shoyu Flavored Soup
In terms of size, Tokyo-style Ramen in Shoyu Flavored Soup can be solo or shared by two. It isn't as huge as those in usual authentic ramen restaurants. I must say it is as what I expected in a ramen with its shoyu soup, egg, and pork. 

Mango Yakult (150Php)

Watami Mango Yakult
I love Yakult yet I haven't tried any drink with Yakult in it which is actually famous in Milk Tea stores. Mango Yakult is my first and it's at Watami. Great choice as it blended well the Yakult and Mango flavor. Very refreshing!

Maccha Dessert Collection (Maccha Ice Cream & Anmitsu Dumpling 175Php; Maccha Parfait 195Php; Maccha Tiramisu 155Php)

Watami Maccha Ice Cream 
& Anmitsu Dumpling
Watami Maccha ParfaitWatami Maccha Tiramisu

The Maccha Ice Cream & Anmitsu Dumpling and Maccha Parfait were almost the same except that the latter has corn flakes in it and I ain't sure what other things. The maccha flavor in the ice cream was good and not overpowering but I still want it with the white cream served with it. Among the three, the Maccha Tiramisu was my favorite! I can even eat maybe three servings of it if my stomach wasn't nearly exploding due to fullness. It's creamy, sweet, but with a kick of green tea

That lunch at Watami was a feast of great Japanese food. From appetizer to dessert, I just kept on eating and eating, and enjoying everything. Thanks to Allen and the organizers for that awesome lunch!

Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant
G/F, The New Glorietta Mall, Ayala Center, Makati City
+632 808 0475

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