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Empire: Macarons

Empire Macarons
We're strolling at Power Plant Mall looking for a place to have lunch, when suddenly bumped into a macarons stall offering Reese's, Snickers, and Hazelnutella flavors. You could just imagine how my eyes twinkled and lightened up. Macarons are my favorite, my comfort food! I took a chance on the free taste which definitely did not disappoint. I scrutinized each flavor... I think I want them all! But wait, we're supposed to have lunch. Decided to have a quick lunch at Zaifu. Yes, quick, as I look forward to that awesome dessert. Empire Macarons -- you'll be part of my "Macaron Series".

Empire Macarons side
As I mentioned, Empire Macarons is just a stall in Power Plant Mall. Not sure until when will they be staying but if you want to experience what I had, you can find their contact details at the end of this post. 

Empire Macarons (38Php/piece; 110Php/3pieces; 315Php/9pieces; 415Php/dozen; 220Php/dozen mini macarons)

Empire Macarons solo
As I was determined to try all the flavors, we opted to buy the 12pieces mini macarons with all the 12 flavors. I was able to get the list of all the flavors but the challenge is, which is which? Allen and I decided to have the taste test! The color and the scent would help us, but not as much as the taste.

Empire Macarons top
Here we go: 

  • Pistachio - not really my favorite as the pistachio flavor was lacking
  • Hazelnutella - not as good as I expected as the nutella flavor was not so evident
  • Strawberry - has a good filling and captured the sweet-sour combination of strawberry
  • Lemon Curd - if you're looking for that citrus zesty taste, then consider this flavor
  • Earl Gray & Milk Chocolate - wasn't able to distinguish the tea flavor, but is generally good
  • 52% Belgian Dark Chocolate - has the bitter dark chocolate; the lasting taste lingered on my taste buds
  • Snickers - chewy and nutty, just like Snicker's
  • Reese's  - definitely my favorite! it's Reese's in macaron form
  • Mango Cream - there's the hint of mango, and creaminess... literally
  • Espresso - provided a feeling of sweet good coffee
  • Caramel Marshmallow & Bacon Jam - the combination of marshmallow and bacon seemed to be off to me, and true enough, it didn't work for me; still, it is interesting
  • Belgian White Chocolate - white chocolate at its finest!

Empire Macarons Mini Macarons
The mini macarons vary in size. Some were as small as an inch in diameter, while some are comparable to the standard size. The fillings were not too thin to ignore, and not too heavy to be overwhelmed. I must say, just enough to identify the flavor. And just like any other macarons, they are soft and fragile. Even the cylindrical container wasn't able to protect them. As a result, there were some "bruised" macarons when we got home. 

Empire Macarons offered a lot of not-your-ordinary flavors. They also bragged that their macarons have no premixes, no shortcuts, and are done the traditional way. If only their stores are accessible, I would have them weekly, specially their Reese's and Snickers macarons. 

Empire Macarons
Talayan Village, Quezon City
+63917 886 1190