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REVIEW: Diana Stalder: P199 for 2 Sessions of Eye Bag Treatment (P600 Value) from Beeconomic!

Being a nocturnal person, working until 3:00am most of the time, my eye bags just can't help but to attract attention especially in photos. The dark circles under my eyes are as big as my eyes now! Enough reason to be conscious of my condition. My eyes just twinkle upon seeing this deal from Diana Stalder and Beeconomic: 199Php for 2 sessions of eye bag treatment (originally 300Php/session). Normally, you would find this price for just 1 session in other clinics. For this deal, there is also an option for 6 or 12 sessions but I decided to get the 2 sessions first just to try. 

Location is not a problem as you can avail the voucher in all of their branches (I think there are 12 branches).  I chose the one nearest my office, which is the Ayala branch. I also didn't find any issues with reservation for the 2 sessions that I had. For my second session, I even called the day before and still got a slot. 

Diana Stalder by Dermaline has a well-maintained clinic with a pleasant green and white interior. Their soothing music is a plus point for ambiance. The rooms are quite spacious and can accommodate two customers per room. They have enough equipment and provide lockers for the customers. The attendants are wearing uniform, face mask, gloves, and hair cap. 

*The Treatment*

  1. Facial Cleansing - Using a mild soap, my face was massaged for a few minutes
  2. Facial Scrub - Facial scrub was applied and massaged to my face for exfoliation
  3. Facial Brush - Three sizes of facial brushes were used on my face to reach the different parts of my face (eg. forehead, nose, chin, cheeks, etc). The use of facial brush gives a massaging feeling and eliminates further dirt that were tucked in my pores
  4. The Eye Bag Treatment - Moisturizer was placed on the lid and under my eyes. I was then asked if I have any metal on my body aside from my braces. This is because the attendant would be using a machine that makes use of electric current so that the cream that was placed on the lid of and under my eyes would be absorbed. A pen-like metal is being massaged to the lid and outer corner of my eyes. The feeling may range from mini needle-pokes (maybe due to the current but very tolerable) to not feeling anything at all

I was advised not to wash my face on that day. The next session should be done after 4 days else the effect of the cream would lapse. There is no drastic effect as I only tried it for two sessions and wasn't able to follow the 4-day rule. Nevertheless, I admire their service and the value they give to their customers. Never thought that an eye bag treatment would include facial cleansing, massage, scrubbing, and brushing! And the discount due to this deal made it super "sulit"!

Rm. 710 7F National Life Insurance Bldg., Ayala Avenue, Makati City
+632 892 5659; +63923 730 3655

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