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PLDT myDSL and Nuffnang bring you “Resident Evil: Retribution”

Months ago, I shared my thoughts about Derek's song "Anna Banana". Here's the link: Derek's touching "Anna Banana" song.

A girl named Anna Benaza commented on my post and shared this video below.

I felt it was a bit harsh for Anna to even create a video just to reject Derek. I can't believe that the sincerity and thoughtfulness showed by Derek will be reciprocated with this. Oh boy, Derek's heart was surely shattered. 

Good thing Derek's family is always there to cheer him up and support him in these kinds of situation.

And we, too, can help Derek! How? By finding a new "Anna"! 

If you are or if you know cute nice girls aged 12-16 fitted to Be Derek's Next Anna, all you/they have to do is to visit and submit a video entry on why you/they should be Derek's new 'Anna'!

The chosen new 'Anna' will become part of the PLDT myDSL commercial and will be bringing home a Samsung Ultrabook

So girls, grab this chance to make Derek happy, be seen on TV, and have a new gadget!